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Entry 17 ~ November 2, 2010
Gorgeous Autumn!

chore chartsThere is no mistaking that Fall is here. The weather has definitely been cooler and we have been starting a fire in our woodstove every morning just to take the chill off the air. I love the fall weather and the beautiful colors of the trees. I also love that it is not so blazing hot outside that making soup will actually sound like fun now. I'm looking forward to trying out some new soup and bread recipes. Yum! And, who doesn't like Thanksgiving. Personally, it is by far my favorite holiday. I love all of the good food and time spent with family!

November also brings our little Titus to be eleven months old. This time last year, we were starting to wind down towards the end of my pregnancy with Titus. In some ways it seems like just a few weeks ago that we had him and then there are times where it seems like we've had him for forever. Last Thanksgiving I felt like I was just about to pop, and sure enough, five days later, our sweet little one was born. We have had an amazing year with this precious boy in our family!

I really appreciate the feedback in regards to the potty training difficulties we have been going through. One reader told me that she had struggled with the same sort of problems and had just decided that it was okay that her daughter was two plus and still in diapers. I'm not really sure why it has taken me so long to get this, but for whatever reason, when I read her comments, it finally clicked for me. It is OKAY that Michael is over two and still in diapers. I know a huge part of it for me was that I was worried about what people would say or think. He is his own little man and is on his own time schedule. When he starts showing interest in going to the potty, we will try again. I cannot tell you how much less stressed I feel about this. Sheesh, if I had only just decided this awhile ago. Thanks again for your words of encouragement, Leslie!

I have been wondering, due to certain circumstances, just how long other ladies have gone after having a baby before having their periods start up again. (Feel free to email me here ladies! ) I know that with Isabelle and Michael, it came back in the eight and a half to nine month range, so I really expected it to start by now. Well, here we are just now into eleven months and still nothing. I am a little bit surprised by its absence.

I have not experienced any spotting, but I have had some pretty substantial back pain and cramping. In fact, about three weeks ago the back pain started and lasted about two and a half weeks solid. There were even a few days in there where all I wanted to do was wear the warm rice pack around on my back, just for a little relief. The back pain has been there off and on for the past few months, but not near as bad as this last time. So I kind of expected to see some other signs, but I'm afraid not. Don't get me wrong, I am not sad that I have not had a period this long, in fact I'm thankful for not having it, but I guess I would kind of like to have something to show for all the pain.

I know that Titus has been nursing a little more at this age than the other two were, since he had a harder time transitioning to the solids. I'm assuming that this is what is causing the delay, and yes, I did already think of the possibility of being pregnant and have taken a couple of tests, with negative results. When I did some research online in regards to this, the average time for women's periods starting again was somewhere in the three to four month range. That was a lot sooner that I expected, so I just thought I would throw out the question to see what you all thought. Thanks for your input!

Well, I finally finished the chore charts for Michael and Isabelle. They turned out better than I expected, so I guess that is a good thing. I have included a picture of them so you can see them complete. The black centers on them are made of metal, and I glued some pictures and magnets to the back of the glass beads so the kids can just move each picture to the 'done' side of the board when they have each chore complete. It was a lot of fun to make, it just took longer than I expected since I was only working on them for about thirty minutes at a time, and ten of those minutes were set up and take down. I'm just glad they are done!

Titus doing laundryIsabelle and Michael have both been doing really well with their school work. Michael does not spend near the time that Isabelle does, of course, but he is really excelling with his letters. Isabelle has also been doing great with her reading and sounding out words. She will just find a book and sit there and try to sound things out, and she really loves to sit with a pencil and paper and write everyone's names. She can spell all of our names quite well, even Michael's. Although, when she first started trying to write it, it would come out as "Migul." Super cute!

It was also a big month for Titus. He started saying 'mamma' and 'dadda' consistently in one week. He had said mama before, but just a few times here and there. He also walked his first four steps together, but he still gets a little chicken and just sits down and crawls. I'm sure that for him too, the crawling is just a much quicker form of travel right now. Maybe by next month he will be faster at walking. Yay, now nothing will be safe again!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful fall season. I know I am! I also hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!

Here are a couple of pictures, one of the chore charts, and one of Titus 'helping' with the laundry.

Until next time . . .

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