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Entry 18 ~ December 6, 2010
Busy, Busy Beavers!

Isabelle in the snowThis past month has been insanely busy. I really prefer to not have things going on every day of the week, especially when we are also gone for most of the day too. I know that in preparation for my sister coming to visit during Thanksgiving, we did a few extra projects around here. I re-tiled some of the tile that surrounds our woodstove. For whatever reason, we had a couple of them chip out that needed some work. So over the course of a few evenings, I was able to finish all of that. I also spent a day using my mom's carpet steam vacuum to clean our carpets. I love how nice they feel and look after a good cleaning.

It did feel good to get all of this done, and was helpful to have company as good motivation too. Unfortunately though, my sister was not able to make it due to bad roads. Everyone was really bummed out that she was not able to make come, including her. It just did not feel complete at Thanksgiving. We still had a nice time at my parents' house though, with lots of good company, fun games, and amazing food. Luckily, I was also able to keep everything under control and not overeat at all. Yeah, right!

Michael in the snowWell, after my last journal entry, and all of my questions and comments regarding the return of my period, it showed up. The very next day in fact, I started experiencing some light spotting, and within a couple of days later, poof . . . there it was. It has been better though, because my backaches and cramping are nowhere near as bad as they were, and they are also not spaced out over the whole month anymore. Hurray for that!

The first of December was also Titus' birthday. It doesn't seem possible that he could be that old yet. We had a nice gathering with our families at my parents' house for a very yummy brunch, followed by dessert. I made a little train cake for him that turned out much better than I thought it was going to. Let's just say there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth during the making of the cake. The frustrating part was that I picked a relatively easy recipe to make with pretty basic 'boxes' to assemble and frost, but the cake, for whatever reason, was extremely crumbly and made it rather challenging to frost. After scrapping part of it once and redoing it, it finally came together.

Titus' birthday train!Titus has also been walking well now for a little while. The Friday before Thanksgiving, he decided he was ready to not be such a chicken anymore, and has just been getting quicker and more stable every day. He is so cute to watch with his short little legs and his arms waving around to help him keep his balance. He has started taking more interest in going up the stairs too. Now if only he would figure out how to go down safely, that would also be helpful.

This past month we have also really noticed just how much Michael is starting to grow taller and thin out. Over a two-month time period, he gained two pounds, but he grew one and a quarter inches. It was becoming particularly obvious in his pants. It seemed like he was just starting to fit into a size three pants, but now he can also wear some size four clothes. Michael has also has picked up a new saying when he is scared. Instead of saying, "I'm scared" he says, "I'm scary" and we usually reply with, "Yes, we know Michael." Someday he will get it figured out, but until then, we will continue to be amused by it and other mispronunciations. He's a cutie!

Happy birthday Titus!Dare I say, I think Isabelle has started to mellow out some. She is not near the ticking time bomb just waiting to go off that she used to be. She still has her moments sometimes, and those do seem somewhat related to a lack of sleep. Isabelle has also grown quite a bit over the past couple of months also. She gained about two pounds too, and grew about one inch. Once again, the place I noticed it the most was her pants. Isabelle is wearing a size five, but transitioning to a six. It wasn't until Titus came along that we have ever experienced having one of them wear different sized tops and bottoms. He wears eighteen month tops, but with his short little legs is still only wearing twelve month pants.

We had our first big snow on the first of December. I originally had thought that there was only about three to four inches out there, but after spending some time outside and letting the storm finish, we got more like eight inches. That's quite a bit for our area. We do see snow off and on through the winter, but not usually that much in one dump. Needless to say, the kids were pretty excited. They went out in it a couple of times that first day, and had tons of fun with their daddy pulling them around on the snow tubes. They were so cute, bundled up so tight that they couldn't move.

Here are a couple of pictures from our snow day and from Titus' birthday. Hope you all have a wonderful December!

Until next time . . .

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