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Entry 19 ~ January 5, 2011
Sleeping Through the Night... So Soon?

IsabelleSo Titus is FINALLY sleeping through the night. Luckily that only took a year to get accomplished. The kids are all sharing a room right now, and my fear was that if I just let Titus cry it out when he would wake up to eat, I would end up with three little ones awake, not just one. The crazy thing is it only took him like three little days of crying five, maybe ten minutes to adjust. It is nice that he is sleeping through the night now, and has been for a few weeks now, but man, I really hate it when I do dumb stuff like that. I guess I just kept thinking that any time now he would sleep through the night. I guess after ten to eleven months of that, it was time to take drastic actions.

I am not opposed to letting them cry it out some, but again, I just didn't want it to be all three of them. Apparently though, Isabelle and Michael sleep like a couple of little logs, and it didn't affect them. I know that I can't know for sure that he would have slept through the night back at three to four months old, but it's very hard to not kick myself for not at least trying. An extra six to eight months of sleeping through the night would have only been, I don't know...amazingly wonderful! I guess I can't go back, just try and learn from my mistakes. If God blesses us with another little one, at least I can write this down on my list of "101 Ways Not to Screw Up as a Parent." Luckily I'm also well on my way in making this list.

MichaelThe past couple of months have been particularly slow ones for Jeremy's work. Well, in all honesty though, work has been slow for a couple of years now. He had about a week of work in October, no work in November, and December looks like it will be about two and a half weeks. It's definitely been a time of learning to trust in God and remembering that He will take care of us. Sometimes I feel really stressed and I have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. We aren't out on the streets or anything yet, so there really is a lot to be thankful for.

I also know that when I'm stressed I notice a difference in the kids' behaviors. It's amazing the stuff they can pick up on. Trying to not let things bother me can be challenging at best. It is times like these that I find having a big package of chocolate on hand can really help. Peace in...stress out!

We have been trying different tactics lately trying to get the kids to go to sleep. Bedtime ALWAYS seems to be such a hassle because Isabelle and Michael think that is now 'play till midnight' time. I'm afraid it's more than beginning to wear us down. We tried sitting outside their room, music, books on tape/cd, with not much success.

TitusI think sitting outside their room to ride herd on them every time they talk or play is the most effective, but it's just not something I'm hoping to do until they are ten. I'm thinking that it is time to pull out the big guns; I just don't quite know what that is yet. Having a separate bedroom for them right now would of course solve lots of problems. But, since we are not able to make that work right now, something else must be done. Maybe a roll of duct tape, hmmm...don't worry I'm mostly kidding.

It is looking like little Titus is going to stop nursing. He was already down to just once at night before bedtime, but the last couple of nights, he wouldn't have anything to do with it. So, I'm not giving up just quite yet, but if after a couple more tries he is still not interested, then I guess our wonderful time together will be over. I'm sad to be done, but it does make it much easier when they decide the time.

It still doesn't seem possible that 2011 is already here, and I'm sure this year will go by faster than the last. I hope you all had a nice holiday season with your families. We always enjoy time together with our family, and any excuse to get together to play games, we jump on. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Until next time...

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