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Entry 2 ~ February 9, 2010
Busy Bees!

Isabelle and TitusThe last couple of weeks have been very busy for us. Believe it or not, we actually received an offer on our house. It's only been on the market for a little over 1 1/2 years. Now we will just sit and wait and see if the bank will accept it or not. Our house is now under a short sale, since Jeremy has not had solid work for a very long time. It's hard to make payments when you have no income, I'm afraid. We also received a letter last week letting us know that if the house does not sell by the beginning of June, then it will be time to pack up and leave anyway. It's a little scary knowing that there is a date set now. It's so final. Oh well, it can always be worse. You just have to look around.

I'm sure the next few weeks we will be concentrating on packing our stuff and figuring out what all to do with everything. Not really looking forward to that. We are very blessed to be able to move in with my in-laws for now while things get back under control. It is so nice to have family!

Titus has been growing so much. I weighed him right at 9 1/2 weeks old, and he was 14 lbs, 3oz. I checked to see how Isabelle and Michael compared to him at that age, and Titus has the lead by far. Michael weighed 14 lbs 2 oz at 3 months, and Isabelle weighed 14l bs 3oz, but at 15 weeks old! I thought he seemed much heavier than the other two. What a chunk!

Dare I say that Titus might be getting his days and nights more on track. I am sure that now that I have written this, it will probably change again. He FINALLY slept more than just five minutes in the bassinet in our room. (He will sleep just fine in it when it's in the living room.) We actually had a night where he slept a two hour block in the bassinet. It was wonderful. I think the problem was that we would have the bassinet out in the living room during the daytime, so there would be lots of background noise. But at night, when we would move it back into our room, he would wake up since it was too quiet. Who really knows though?

MichaelIsabelle has really been pushing the limits lately. Okay, actually I think she has been in her 'terrible two's' since age one. One does have to wonder when it will end. I'm not sure what it is that makes her such a pill sometimes. I also have yet to figure out just what kind of discipline it is that gets to her. I know that spanking and timeouts in her room seem to have absolutely NO effect on her. When I when I was little, I hated spankings. But, no . . . not her. She must be more like her father. I would certainly be up for any and all suggestions. I know that bedtime seems to be the worst part of our day, but she does still have plenty of other outbursts throughout the day. This too shall pass, I guess. Ugh!

Here is a picture of Isabelle getting Titus to smile for her, and a picture of Michael when we brought him in out of the car . . . still sleeping. Just too tired to go on!

Until next time . . .

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