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Entry 21 ~ February 18, 2011
Bring On the Sunshine!

swinging TitusThe last couple of weeks have been really nice weather here. In fact, we actually had a few days in the low 60s. It was absolutely wonderful! I guess it was just here to tease us, because today . . . we woke up to snow. What is up with that? I am more than ready to have warmer weather.

I have unfortunately been struggling a little bit with some depression. I never really thought that would ever be something I would go through. Since the miscarriage though, I had a couple of weeks that were pretty bad. I know that a good part of it was due to the fact that I just felt physically wiped out for about a month afterwards. I was surprised that the physical side of things lasted that long. I know that I had more bleeding than my normal period, of course, but I didn't think it was so much to take that long to recover. I tried to eat lots of iron rich foods during that time and I was still taking my prenatal, so I'm not really sure why it took that long to rebuild things.

Also during those weeks, I did very little around the house, which quickly became obvious. There was plenty of time spent sleeping, whenever Jeremy was home to watch the kiddos, and there were days of just feeling completely weighed down and not wanting to do anything . . . ever . . . again. I also spent LOTS of time crying over very random things . . . which was a bit on the annoying side. Thankfully though, I believe those days are past us right now. I know that since I have been feeling much better and the weather has been warmer, we have been able to go outside more. It's amazing how much that really helps. It seems like during the winter months we are all trapped inside with nothing to do except go crazy.

Merry-go-roundWe all went on a walk in our subdivision this past weekend and found that they installed a playground area next to two existing baseball fields. The kids were definitely excited to see that, and it will be awesome to have a play area within walking distance, especially since we are a one vehicle family right now. It will be nice to have an alternative when Jeremy has the car.

Our little Titus is growing like a weed. He has started to 'talk' a lot more too. It is so funny to listen to him. He walks around and just jabbers, and he is so serious about it too. That's what makes it even more hilarious. Before bedtime, we let the kids pick songs they want to sing, and we have started asking Titus if he has one too, and he will just go on and on about what he wants to sing . . . and we can't understand a word. It's great! We also decided to go ahead and be done with the pacifier. It has gone a little better than I thought it would. The biggest changes I have noticed is he plays around more before going to bed or taking naps, and he also is a bit more vocal about getting what he wants . . . NOW . . . in a shrieking voice. It is fun to watch him though.

Michael swingingMichael and Isabelle are in the "fighting every waking second of the day" stage. That has been lots of fun too. Sometimes all I want to do is put them each in a separate room to play so they can't talk to each other. Then they would have to stop, right? They would probably still find a way to fight. I am so looking forward to the day they start getting along better. It probably doesn't exist does it, or at least not until adulthood? No need to tell me if this is really the case. Ignorance really is bliss.

I hope you are all having a wonderful end to winter and that spring will be arriving soon! Here are some pictures of the kids having a good time outside on one of our warm days. There are two with the boys swinging, and also one of Isabelle trying to push the merry-go-round with her daddy and brothers on there. She was so cute and really wanted to try it all by herself, and she actually did pretty good.

Until next time . . .

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