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Entry 22 ~ March 21, 2011
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

Hammy TitusAll three of our little ones have unfortunately been sick for a couple of weeks now. They were just getting over their colds, and now they seem to have it again. Ugh! I am so ready for this dumb stuff to be gone. The nightly routine of putting Vicks on their chest and feet, setting up the humidifier, checking for fevers, giving medicine, and then getting up three billion times during the night, is starting to wear me down. Then of course there is all the fun stuff during the day of making sure they are getting enough water, taking their vitamin C, etc. I hate it when they are ill because I always feel so helpless. Hopefully this time we will get it taken care of. Although, a lot of our friends and family are also ill, and whatever it is this time seems to be holding on for quite a while. That's exciting!

On a much better note, things have been picking up a little with Jeremy's work, and it looks like he is quite possibly going to have three months of solid work this summer. The job is a couple of hours drive away from here, but the idea of something steady for that long, sounds amazing. It's been a LONG time since he has had this much work. We are very excited and thankful that God continues to take care of us.

I have been feeling much better physically and emotionally, and that has been a nice blessing. I know that when I am stressed, my patience with the kiddos is not even near where it should be. I have been really trying to focus on that lately and when they are all fighting and yelling, to not just yell at them to hush. I know that they respond WAY better to a quiet and calm voice, and not to mention, I feel really bad when I yell. I am hoping that the weather will warm up soon, and that we can spend some time outside since I know they feel just as cooped up as me, and that it will help with everyone's nerves.

MichaelOur sweet little Michael boy turned three years old on the eighteenth of March. It does not seem like it has been three years ago now. He is such a joy in our life and some of the things that come out of that boy's mouth completely crack us up. And then there are his eyebrows. He is so expressive with his eyebrows; it is very funny. He is also at the age where he wants to help his momma around the house, or help feed Titus a bottle. When he tries to help with cooking, he will tell me, "But I'm a big boy to help you." Since it is hard to turn down that sweet little voice, he usually ends up helping me.

Isabelle has been doing really well with her schooling. She knows her vowels now, and she is moving on to four-letter word books. It's obvious she has an eagerness to learn. When she sees words on signs by the road or different things on the television, she will try and sound out the words and ask about the ones she doesn't know. She also loves to be read to or to read her own books. I am very glad she enjoys reading. I grew up really disliking reading, and now it is something I wish I could go back and change. Hopefully it will stay this way for her.

Titus is growing by leaps and bounds. He weighs in at twenty-four pounds now, and even though he has short little legs, he is still pretty solid. He is going up and down the stairs with ease now. He just mastered the down part within the last couple of weeks, so now we have to keep the door closed to the stairs. Since Titus was about three to four months old, when I am holding him, he will hold onto my hair for comfort. As soon as I pick him up his arm goes up and over my shoulder and he will grab onto my whole ponytail if I'm wearing one, or he will just grab a handful…and then he's happy. He does not usually pull it either, he is just hanging on. It is very sweet and fun to watch him.

Mommy's helpersFor a couple of months now, I have been checking out cookbooks from the library and really trying to branch out and try some new recipes. I know that it's easy to get in a rut and just eat the same ones over and over again. We are almost exclusively vegetarians, but on rare occasions will eat chicken, but probably at least ninety-five percent of the time, we do not eat meat. It has been fun to find some recipes that are higher in protein that don't just use the soy burger as a replacement, but rather other types of beans and grains. We have had a couple of flops, but thankfully my family is pretty adventurous. Overall though, it has been going pretty well.

This past weekend we were able to leave the kiddos over night while we went to my youngest sister's senior banquet. We left them with my husband's brother and his wife, who were so gracious to watch them, particularly since the kids were ill. The kids did have tons of fun with their aunt and uncle though, despite being sick. My sisters were also homeschooled, and the group they are with puts on a really nice banquet and graduation for the students. We were able to attend this for one of my other sisters last year and had a great time. This year did not disappoint.

Isabelle in lipstickThere was a nice program and talent show put on by the students, and also there was a yummy catered meal, and everyone got to come dressed formally, and there was dancing afterwards. I am not really one who has ever enjoyed dancing, but last year and again this time, we had lots of fun. They did big group dances like the Virginia Reel, and different mixers like the Gay Gordon. It really was so much fun and not awkward at all, and let's just say it definitely keeps your heart rate up. I know that Jeremy and I would love to take dancing lessons someday if that ever worked out, and it would be nice to have your 'workout' be fun. Someday maybe!

Here are a few pictures of the kids. Isabelle wanted to put some lipstick on, Michael wanted to be a pirate, Isabelle and Michael wanted to 'help' me clean the ceiling fan, and the last one is of hammy little Titus. I hope you are starting to see a beginning to spring.

Until next time . . .

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