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Entry 4 ~ March 15, 2010
There is Light at the End of the Tunnel!

OutingI believe it is possible that we might be making some headway with our daughter. A few weeks ago now, we decided that we were going to have to start making some pretty drastic changes with Isabelle in trying to get her to obey and not throw fits. We just were not sure what that was going to be.

We felt we had exhausted all of our ideas for trying to discipline her or distract her from the situation. After asking our family for any ideas on ways to improve our discipline or for any other suggestions they had, we determined that we needed to step up our consistency a bit. Also, there was an idea to start doing some schooling with her, to give her a challenge other than her parents. Ha,ha!

I had been doing some schooling before this with Isabelle off and on, but had not been as consistent as I would have liked. I admit when I heard this suggestion, I thought it probably would not have much effect, but figured I would try pretty much anything at that point.

Well, after a couple of weeks of doing the schooling and being much more consistent with it, we can already see some changes in Isabelle. Yay! She really is a smarty pants too. She is already starting to sound out some words. Had I realized the results that I would get, I would have tried this a while ago. Although, throwing a new baby into the mix does kind of mess up one's routine.

Speaking of home schooling . . . this last weekend, Jeremy and I attended a Junior/Senior Banquet put on by one of the local home school groups for my younger sisters. They are 10 and 12 years younger than me, and Jeremy and I had helped with their schooling for about a year while my mom was working, during the 2008/2009 school year. So, they invited us to attend the banquet with them. It was a formal event, so we got to dress up and had a nice dinner with them, followed by dancing. My older sister graciously watched Isabelle and Michael for us so we could go. It was a lot of fun and had been a really long time since we had done something like this. We had a little suit with a vest and tie for Titus that matched one we found for Jeremy. Wow they looked good together!

I find it funny sometimes when I think back to when we just had Isabelle and of the times when I thought that there was no way we could do certain things with a baby. Things such as going to my doctor appointments with her, or meetings, or sometimes it was shopping. I used to think I always needed someone to watch Isabelle while I went to the doctor. When I think of that now it sounds so ridiculous to me. Ha, ha! I hear other people say similar things, and I think, "Is that how I sounded?" It's amazing how much we learn as time goes on, but it also makes me realize I should not be so critical of other people and how they handle things.

Sleeping in Car SeatsAfter Titus was a couple of weeks old, I decided to take my first trip by myself grocery shopping, with all three of them. I had not gone before that since Jeremy didn't have any work and was available to help with that. Well, the time came to go shopping and I once again thought that things could not go that bad right? Ha! Well, at the time I remember thinking that maybe I didn't really need to get any groceries after all, and maybe I would just always go with Jeremy. It's at times like these, where I think that perhaps more like a 5 year spacing with your children would not be a bad idea! smile No, I really do not think that. I feel that close spacing of them will help with being good pals down the road and also just to get it over with!

Well, I had made the mistake of bringing Titus's car seat in with us that day and I started out with it up on top of the cart, but I could not see if Michael was sitting down in the basket, and that was the problem, he wasn't. He was standing up trying to mess with everything on the shelves. So I decided to switch him to the front, and put Titus' seat down inside the basket, but there was just not room left for any sort of groceries. This was all going on while trying to make sure Isabelle was sticking close by. Stressful! The next time, I carried Titus in the front pack, and left his seat in the car.

We now go shopping all of the time just fine, but even now that this is our third little one, I still am learning as I go. Luckily, they are worth every second of the stress involved!!

Here is a picture of Jeremy and me with Titus at the banquet, and there is also one of all three of them sleeping in the car-a rare moment!

Until next time . . .

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