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Entry 5 ~ March 29, 2010
Hurray for Spring!

Swings!We are so excited to finally start seeing some warmer weather. It is so nice to be able to do things outside with the kids like bike riding or taking them to the park for a picnic. Michael could play for hours in the dirt. It doesn't matter if the yard is mostly grass and has just one small area of dirt, Michael will find it.

Isabelle has been doing really well with not needing our help when we go the playground, such as going up steps or down slides, but she is starting to get a little on the shy side. I'm not really sure how to handle those situations, since I remember being quite shy myself. Part of me wants to just make her go play, since I know she will have fun once she warms up, but the other part of me remembers being uncomfortable around people at her age, so I don't want her to go through that either. Hopefully this will not last too long!

It looks like Jeremy has some work for the next 3-4 weeks. Yay! That is very exciting. I know after that job is done and if no other work has come up by then, he will start looking outside of the state for work. That will be tough for us if he gets a job elsewhere, since we really are very family oriented. For all of our married life, we have lived close to both of our parents. We have been very blessed to have them around, and I really want our kids to have a close relationship with their grandparents. Whatever God has in store for us though, and I know He will take care of us.

Titus!It has been fun to see just how different Titus is from his siblings and how much more easy going he is. Both Isabelle and Michael were fairly light sleepers when it came to having them try and nap in a room that was not super quiet. Not Titus though, I can vacuum next to him and he just sleeps away. It's kind of nice for a change. It really helps in getting things done around the house. In fact, I think he prefers the noise. smile

Michael and Isabelle have been spending a lot of time coloring and drawing lately. They both have little boxes of crayons and pencils that we set them up at the kitchen table with. It's amazing how much fun they have. They really do love it and I know it is good for them. Sometimes I give Isabelle her scissors, and she could spend hours there just cutting up stuff. That and a glue stick and she is set! She is very funny. It's fun to watch their little minds work and to see just how creative they really are.

It's amazing how much of a strain three little ones can put on a marriage. smile It is easy for me to forget that I was a wife first and that I really need to focus more energy there to make sure that our relationship does not suffer. The last thing we want is for there to be extreme tension in our marriage. I just have to remember to keep that relationship good so that our children will also do well. My advice would be to spend some extra time with your partner this week. It will be worth every second!

Here is a picture of Isabelle and Michael when we went to the park. The other is of Titus smiling at himself in the mirror. Such a cutie!

Until next time . . .

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