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Entry 6 ~ April 12, 2010
Still No Teeth?

TitusMy husband, Jeremy, did end up having some work over the past couple of weeks. It has been so wonderful for him to have work. I am not even sure we will know what to do with all of that money. Well, I suppose some sort of bill paying will probably take place. smile I think I am finally starting to get back into a routine again, and I do feel much more productive when I get up between five and six instead of seven and eight. My body feels a little more worn out, but I know it is for a good reason.

Titus has still been teething, with unfortunately no sign yet of his little chompers. I really don't like it when they pop through this early, but I hate it even more that he is in pain and there is not much I can do for him to help relieve it. I am amazed at the quantity of drool that he produces. If I do not keep a little rag with us to constantly wipe his chin, or just have him wear a bib, his clothes are soaked down to his tummy in just a couple of hours. I really expected to see something by now, since the drool has been going on for almost two months. Hopefully for his sake, it will not be too much longer.

MichaelI have decided my goal for a while will be to try new recipes for us and try to not spend so much time in my little rut. I have heard before of people who make up menus for the whole month at one time and then can just pick from that for their grocery list once a week. I tried it a couple of different times. It just did not work for me. I got so burned out taking that much time to sit and make up menus on one afternoon. Somebody else suggested that I should just try to pick enough for one week at a time. I have been finding that to work so much better for us.

Between leftovers and doing other things during the week, it only leaves me to pick out three to four recipes per week and then I can just take care of it during my weekly shopping trip. It has been fun to try new recipes too. Overall I have been having good success. Approximately ninety to ninety-five percent of what we eat is vegetarian. My husband grew up a vegetarian, and we have decided to lean that way. It is always fun to find new vegetarian recipes, and this helps me to be more consistent in searching for new ones.

Five GenerationsDuring the last couple of weeks, we have had some of Jeremy's family visiting us. It has been very nice to see them. Jeremy's Grandma also came to visit, and the kids had a blast with her. It is so nice for them to get to know her. Bis Abuelita, as they call her. All of my grandparents have passed away. Oh how I miss my grandmother and wish so much that my kiddos could have met her. She was such a gem. Luckily for Jeremy, his grandparents are still living, and it wasn't until two years ago now that one of his great-grandmothers was still alive. We were able to go visit her. She was the one we named Isabelle after. It was so amazing to get a picture with five generations. Wow! We are so blessed to have our family!

Isabelle!Here are a few pictures for you. One is the five generations picture I had mentioned of Jeremy with his dad, his grandmother, his great-grandmother, and of course, Isabelle. There is one of Isabelle playing with Legos with her Daddy's help, Titus' first time in his highchair, and my handsome little Michael!

Until next time . . .

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