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Entry 7 ~ April 26, 2010
The Family That Throws Up Together...Stays Together!

Isabelle and TitusI'm afraid to report that this last week we were sick with some sort of stomach flu. I had no idea one could throw up so much. Well, except for being pregnant. Ha,ha! Isabelle was the first one to come down with it, and then about three days later, Jeremy and I got sick. It hit us both about an hour apart. That was kind of weird. Luckily it hit us after the kids had gone to bed, so we did not have to worry about trying to take care of them at the same time.

Michael got sick the next morning, and we are very thankful that Titus has yet to have anything. I really hate being nauseous and throwing up, and especially when it is the kids and it is so hard to get them to say something before they get sick. I'm just very glad we seem to be over it, finally!

About two weeks ago now, we received an offer on the house. We were very excited, and started packing like crazy people. Well a couple of days later, the offer fell through. It is nice to have some of the stress gone from that, but only a few days later, we received another offer and so we are starting the process over again. Ugh!

We still are waiting to see what the bank says, and if everything goes through with that, we are looking at more like the end of May. So, at least we are not on a two week schedule anymore. Hopefully if I can keep up on packing a little bit here and there, it will keep things from being really stressful closer to moving day. One can dream, I guess.

In June, there is an annual homeschool convention that happens here in Idaho. In the past, I had heard about it and really debated about whether or not to go in preparation for homeschooling Isabelle. This year however, I feel that since we have actually started into the younger curriculum with Isabelle, that it will be nice to go and learn new information.

Michael and his pretzelI am really looking forward to homeschooling Isabelle, but must admit I am a little intimidated by it all. I'm hoping this convention will help with that. Luckily though, I do have a nice support group of friends and also our mothers, who I know will be available to pick their brains whenever I need to. I guess we will just dive in and see how it goes.

There has been work for Jeremy, but unfortunately on Friday, he and his dad were on some scaffolding when it collapsed underneath them. They are both okay, and only just minor bumps and bruises. My father-in-law's back is a bit sore now, and hopefully will just heal with time. Jeremy bit his lip pretty good, and also hurt his wrist. He ended up having his wrist x-rayed just in case. It was not broken, but just very badly bruised. He has been keeping an ACE bandage on it, and it is still swollen. So thanks to Murphy's Law, he has not been working this week, when there actually is work. Oh well, I'm just very thankful that everyone is okay. It could have been much, much worse.

Here is a picture of Isabelle helping to feed bottle to Titus. Such a little Mommy! Also, there is a picture of Michael and his pretzel!

Until next time . . .

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