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Entry 9 ~ June 9, 2010
Sunrise, Sunset!

IsabelMy sweet little Isabelle turned four at the end of May. It really does not seem that long ago that we brought her home from the Birthing Center. I can remember sitting up with her that night and just looking at her in awe of her beauty. Jeremy and I would trade off holding her, trying to get as much time with her. Of course the only reason we did not hold the boys quite as much was because they were not the 'only child' at the time. smile

We celebrated Isabelle's birthday with our family and friends and had a very nice afternoon. Isabelle had a really good time opening gifts too, of course. She might have liked the toys more than the clothes, but she was still very excited. She had a pretty big grin on her face!

This past weekend, Jeremy and I went to a two-day conference put on by the Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State or CHOIS. I am so glad we decided to go. It was a two day event that lasted from about 8:45a.m. to 6:00p.m each day. It was pretty tiring, but well worth it. We learned so much from some of the conference speakers. Not only with schooling in particular, but also with just how we have been raising our kids. One lady made a point of how important it is to realize just how different each of our kids are and how important that will be, especially when it comes to school.

IsabelShe really went into quite a bit of depth, more than I will explain here, when telling how each child learns so differently. It really is a small percentage of people who do really well with just sitting at a desk and reading through books. There are lots of people who really need to be able to move around or move something (the wigglers) to really be able to learn well.

When she mentioned the wigglers, my mind thought of Michael. He is exactly like that, and the more I thought about things, I realized that I need to not get so frustrated with him when he will not sit still for things. That is just the way God has hardwired that boy! Anyway, it was a pretty big topic, and I am very glad I was able to go and learn all of this new information.

The last time I went to our local library, they had signs up for the summer reading information. I have never gone to that, even though it does sound like it would be nice for the kids. I must admit it does sound a bit intimidating taking Michael, the one who can't sit still, into a 'quiet place'. I suppose I should still try it, and maybe someday I'll get around to it. Who knows, maybe there will be someone with kids who are more active than mine! Ha,ha!

A couple of weeks ago now, Jeremy's grandfather passed away. He was not doing really great in regards to his health, but he had been sick before and gotten better. It was still hard of course and we will all miss him greatly. I'm glad that Jeremy has had some of his grandparents around for so long. All of my grandparents passed away several years ago now, so it was nice for our kids to be able to at least meet some of their great-grandparents. Life marches on…and waits for no one, I'm afraid.

TitusTitus' teeth are now starting to show pretty good. They are getting tall enough now that you can see them pretty good when he smiles. I love that! I swear that boy is the most smiley baby that I have ever seen. It's great! I'm not just biased either, lots of people have commented on how much he smiles too. I'm afraid the one downside to these new teeth would be that it also appears that Titus is a biter. Isabelle and Michael had a few times that they would bite while they were nursing, but they outgrew it pretty fast. I'm hoping that Titus will not keep this up for too long either. I tell him no when he bites me, and he will stop nursing and look up at me with these huge puppy dog eyes, they fill with tears, and then he starts crying . . . loud. His plan to make me feel bad might just be working. smile

This too shall pass!

Here are a couple of pictures from Isabelle's birthday party, and also one of Titus with his little teeth showing up.

Until next time,

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