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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Meet Emily

familyFor those of you who did not follow along with my pregnancy journal, my name is Emily (28), and I am a stay-a-home mom of three little kiddos. Isabelle is 3 1/2, Michael is 22 months, and Titus is 8 weeks old.

I really love staying home with them and watching them as they grow and learn. Isabelle loves to watch cooking shows and also to help me cook. She is very funny! She also loves being a little 'mommy' to her brothers. Michael is really into learning the alphabet right now. He loves putting together the letter puzzles and telling us what letter it is. Titus is growing way too fast. Who said he could be 8 weeks old already? We are enjoying having him and are very thrilled to be the parents of these three precious children!

I have been married to my awesome husband, Jeremy (31), for 7 years. It has been the best seven years of my life! My husband has been working as a carpenter since we have been married, but work has slowed way down starting in December of 2008. We figured that in 2009, Jeremy worked about 1/4 of the hours he does on a 'normal' year. So needless to say, this past year has been the most stressful and difficult one that we have had together. Jeremy has been job hunting for quite a while now but with no success I'm afraid. That being said, God has most definitely taken care of us, and thankfully will continue to do so! We are very blessed!

I am sure that this new year will bring many new adventures for us. I really appreciate all of those who have taken the time to read about my family. I am looking forward to writing this parenting journal and sharing it with you!


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