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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ I Didn't Know You Were Pregnant!

I think, dare I say, I am actually over the nausea. This is very exciting. I really have had a very good pregnancy this time around. I cannot believe how good I have felt. The nausea that I had was really very minimal. I did have cravings this time that I had not experienced with the other two. I thought that I had, but I guess I was wrong. This pregnancy, I think it's actually possible that I dreamed about food. If I was not eating food, I was definitely thinking about it. The cravings lasted about 1-1 1/2 months, and then they went away. Very strange.

I suppose I should bring you up to speed on doctor's visits. I have had two doctor appointments so far. At my first visit, they did the regular blood work, which came back with no problems. My doctor did try to listen for a heartbeat, but it took her quite a while to find it. I wasn't too concerned, since we were only 10 1/2 weeks along, but really did not want to wait another month to hear it. Thank goodness she was persistent, and after about 4-5 minutes we were able to hear that precious little sound. The heart rate was in the 160-170s. As a result, my doctor's guess is that we are having a girl. So far, she has been right with both Isabelle and Michael, so who knows. I suppose I should back up a bit and mention that we have decided not to have ultrasounds with any of our children, unless my doctor felt that there was some special need for it. So, it really is a guess for her. My second doctor's appointment was pretty standard with just listening to the heartbeat again. This time, baby's heart rate was in the 140-150s, so my doctor changed her guess to boy. She says she reserves the right to change her mind right up until baby is born. She is very funny. I have been very blessed with an awesome doctor. I have been so happy with her.

EmilyI have also been able to feel our baby move around now for several weeks. I was surprised to feel movement so soon. I figured I must be mistaken, but sure enough, I have been feeling movement ever since. It definitely helps make the pregnancy feel more real, that I really am pregnant. It is very reassuring.

This last week at church, a lady I had not seen for a while came up and gave me a hug. Later she talked to my husband and when he mentioned to her that we were expecting again, she said she had no idea. Now, I'm not exactly sure if I should be offended or take it as a compliment. I am unfortunately in maternity clothes now. With Michael and now this pregnancy, I have found that I started to show pretty early on. I wore maternity clothes at about 8 weeks with Michael and 12 weeks this time. I'm afraid the muscles and ligaments down there are not what they used to be. Anyway, maybe this lady just thought I had eaten a few too many desserts. Who knows? Here is a picture of myself so you can see just how much I am showing.

May you have a wonderful week! Until next time . . .

~ Emily

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