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Week 16
~ The Summer Cold . . . It's Just Wrong!

Well, I am afraid to report that the summer cold has hit us. It seems very wrong for it to be 95 degrees outside and have a runny nose. I was really hoping to sneak by without getting it, but it appears that is not the case. Isabelle had it first and I ended up spending a very short night up with her, which just accelerated my worsening condition. It was looking like Michael would escape it, but that was not to be either. At least I am not huge and having those added discomforts to go along with this. With the other two pregnancies, I had a cold within the last few weeks of delivering. Not a pleasant time. I was also blessed with a cold shortly after becoming pregnant this time. I just didn't know I was pregnant yet. It certainly explained things when we found out, and ended up lasting around a total of three weeks. Yuck. So, I am hoping that between that and this time, I have had my share of colds and can avoid it closer to the delivery. Yeah right.

This last week we ended up taking Isabelle to a Vacation Bible School type of event. She absolutely loved it and did lots of fun activities with the other kids. It was very fun to watch her sing and do all the actions to the songs. I'm sure that this partly played into our getting sick. Too much time being gone and not enough rest.

Our little one's movements are starting to be more noticeable when I am moving around now. I am very anxious for others to be able to feel the movements too. I know that Isabelle will get a lot more out of it this time. She really loved hearing the heartbeat the first time, and ever since then will occasionally come up to me, lean over to my tummy, and say, "I love you baby, this is Isabelle." It is very sweet. We are still just over a week now to our next appointment. I do have to say that so far it really does seem like this pregnancy is going faster, and I wonder how much of it is due to the fact that we are pretty busy during the summer months. I guess we will see if that holds true for me until the end.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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