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Week 20
~ The Naming Game

I am finding that I am having a much harder time picking out names this time. Seeing that we had a boy last time, one would think the girl name should already be decided on this time. But no, I am afraid not. I still like the name we had picked out last time, we have just found another couple to throw into the mix and I am REALLY torn on which one I like best. And, as for boy names, it's not much better with those either. I thought I had the boy name figured out and now I am second guessing it. Problem is I'm not sure if there is another one I like better. We have gone with two middle names with both of our other children and plan to do so this time too. Actually, the middle names are much easier for me and I feel quite confident about those. I really like to have the names picked out by now so I can be thinking about them for quite awhile. Well, maybe one of these days one will just stand out for me. I hope so.

Well, I guess we have reached the halfway point. It really does not seem possible that we are that far along already. Hopefully, this baby will be early like my other two. Isabelle was nine days early, and Michael was seven days early. I would definitely be okay with that again. I really feel for those who go up to, and even worse, go past their due dates. I have found that it becomes quite difficult to get good sleep when it gets close to time, not only because of the pregnancy discomforts, but also because every little contraction makes you wonder if it is finally time. Maybe this time I will be better about ignoring those. Ha! Ha!

Our little one has been growing lots. Jeremy was finally able to feel our baby move this week too. Yay! It is always nice to get to that point. I'm just anxious for Isabelle to feel now. I have tried to get her to feel the movement several times now, but she is still a bit impatient and just giggles about it. It is very cute though. We have another doctor's visit scheduled for next week that we are looking forward to. Other than that, not much is happening with our little one. I guess that no news is good news sometimes too.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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