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Week 21
~ The Jacuzzi Tub

MichaelWe started this week off with a nice camping trip into the beautiful Idaho mountains. Isabelle and Michael had a really good time. The temperature down in the valley was right at 100, but up there it ran about 10 degrees cooler. That was very nice. There was plenty of shade too, so that was also appreciated. We were able to go for a nice leisurely walk together, and the kids had a lot of fun playing in all of that dirt. Within the first hour that we were there, Michael had searched out the tree that had the most sap on it and proceeded to get it all over his hands and face. So, even when I would try to clean him up, he did not look clean. That's okay though, that's what camping is all about . . . being dirty.

Our new little one is doing great. Baby is moving around lots and lots, which is nice. Overall this last week has been pretty good. Although, I have had a few days where I will get up and eat, and then a little while later when I am trying to go about my day I find myself fairly weak and tired. If I happen to take a shower in that time period, it just makes me feel even more wiped out. I'm sure that this is related to the gestational diabetes thing, so I guess I will have to make more adjustments to my diet. I have been doing really well with not eating any sugar. I will have to start eating even less refined carbs it looks like, and up my protein intake a little bit more. There are several times during the week when I start the day off with cereal, but I guess I will have to start eating more things with protein like eggs. Oh joy! I'm not really an egg person, so I will have to look into some recipes that make them more palatable for me. I have always had trouble with being hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), even before being pregnant. However, I had not had quite this much trouble with the other two pregnancies. Again, I am not too concerned right now since I know that the glucose test my doctor will be doing in a few weeks will catch anything.

Emily and kidsI have been thinking a little more about the birth of our little one this past week. I have been trying to decide how I would like things to go when the big event comes. In particular, I have been thinking a lot about whether or not to use the tub this time. With Isabelle of course, I did not have any time for anything. But, with Michael I had a couple of hours and thought that I would give the Jacuzzi tub a try. Problem was that after I got in, I found that not being able to move around much was kind of irritating for me, and it did not seem to be helping all that much. My nurse informed me at that point that the water was not quite the right temperature. She was very kind and tried her best to get it up to the ideal temperature, but by that time, I was in transition (about 8 or 9 cm dilated) and was just ready to get out. Although, another problem was that I was not breathing the best while I was in there either, and my fingers started to get tingly and not cooperating completely when I would try to move them. Apparently this is hyperventilating. It was a very weird feeling, and something I would also like to avoid this time.

IsabelleAnyway, my dilemma is that I have read so many good things about water birth and how much it can help in relaxing all of your muscles, etc. I know that I do not want the full water birth though. I am sure that I would not be happy with that, and also I know that I tend to be a bit of a bleeder after the birth, so I think avoiding the water birth is best. However, I am just trying to decide if it is worth the try to go into the water again in hopes that the correct temperature would really make that big of a difference. Has anyone else had any great experiences with the Jacuzzi tub and found it to really help with the pain management? This probably seems fairly insignificant, but I just do not want to be disappointed with choosing one option over the other.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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