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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ More Canning . . . Yay!!

This last week has gone pretty well. I hate to say it, but it appears the discomforts of being pregnant have hit full force, although, I have been very blessed to not be horribly uncomfortable due to the heat. Mostly my discomfort is due to not being able to sleep well. I am finding it fairly challenging to find a position that is comfortable. Add that to the fact that I am getting up on average 3 times at night to go to the bathroom, and it makes for a very restful evening. Oh, well I guess this too shall pass! It's probably just my body trying to prepare me for the middle of the night feedings. I don't think I really need any preparation this time though; I know what to expect. Not much change with our little one besides lots of growing! I am definitely anxious to get to the point where we will start having appointments weekly. It really helps to make the time go by faster for me.

Well, we finally did it! We took the pacifier away from Michael for good. Something that I'm sure we should have done a long time ago. It was hard though, to not just use it when he would get fussy in the car or when he would go to sleep. I have to say it has gone much better than I thought it would. Only occasionally does he ask for it now. He has always called it his "uh-oh". That started when he was much younger and would drop it out of his crib, and the first couple of times I picked it up I would say "Uh-oh, you dropped your pacifier." Well, since he can say "uh-oh" much easier than "pacifier," I guess it stuck. We never had the "pacifier problem" with Isabelle. She would have nothing to do with it when she was a baby. There were times I really wished that she would take the pacifier, but no such luck. So, this getting rid of it is all very new to us.

I spent some of this last week canning peaches. We have a peach tree in our yard, and I hadn't realized just how close it was getting to needing to be picked. Luckily we caught it before too many of them fell off onto the ground. It is much nicer to pick them off of the tree, not to mention the bug mess with them more when they are on the ground. My Dad, Mom, and two sisters were gracious enough to help me can them up. When we were finished, I believe we ended up with 40 quarts. That will be nice to have through the winter!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time,
~ Emily

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