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Week 24
~ Time to Get Busy!

IsabelleI suppose it's about time I contacted the Birthing Center to have them send me all of the paperwork to fill out. I have been putting it off for a while now, but we seem to be roaring up on the due date. They are pretty easy going there; I just need to get it filled out and sent back in. Another thing I have been pushing back is finding a new doctor for our baby. I know they will ask me who the baby's doctor is after we have our little one, but I am afraid we do not have one figured out yet. With Isabelle, the pediatrician I had picked ended up being okay. With Michael we ended up going back to the same place we took Isabelle. I had figured if we had a boy, we could just take him to the same place for the circumcision too. Well, that kind of blew up in our face, and our regular doctor was gone on vacation, so we had to go to somebody else. To make a long story short, the idiotic doctor messed up Michael's circumcision, and he had bleeding after we had taken him home from the procedure. We took him back in and it was at that time that the doctor tried to tell us it was our fault for not having given him the Vitamin K shot when he was born. All of this was despite the fact that we had waited till Michael was 8 days old when the body begins producing enough of its own clotting. And, low and behold the blood tests that this doctor made us do proved that Michael's blood was clotting enough on its own. Gee, imagine that. So, we had all of this poking and prodding done to my sweet little baby boy for nothing. Did the doctor ever apologize for this??? I think not. Needless to say I will never set foot in that medical center again. And, I guarantee they will not get any recommendations from me. Quite the contrary I'm afraid. Well, enough about that . . . it just makes my blood boil. So, that means that this time we will need to be finding a doctor that we can have in mind just in case we have another little boy. We will have to start doing some serious searching and see if we can figure something out. Hopefully we can find someone we know that will give a good recommendation.

MichaelOur little one is doing great still with lots and lots of movement. I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately. Got to love those! My lower abdomen and back will get really tight, and I have to remind myself to concentrate on relaxing those muscles. Otherwise, I find I will tense up and make it worse. I am afraid I am at the point where the ribcage pain is also starting to kick in. I almost feel like I have to sit in a slightly reclined position to make it feel better. Overall though, things are going well and I am getting so very anxious to meet this little one.

This last week we took the kiddos to our State Fair. They really loved it. Only downside was that we picked a day that had to be right about 100 degrees out. It seems to always work that way. We went to the petting zoo and let them feed some of the animals. Isabelle was not really interested in actually letting them eat out of her hand. She would much rather stand back and watch. Michael wanted to feed and pet them, but as soon as the animal touched his hand, he would pull it back really fast. He wanted to be brave, but he was still kind of chicken. It was pretty cute! It turned out to be a very nice day for all of us.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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