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Week 25
~ Baby Names . . . Finally!!

Well, I think that I have finally decided on baby names. If we have a little girl we will name her Olivia Evelyn Michelle, and if we end up having a boy, then we will name him Titus Keith Wayne. We just like the name Olivia, Evelyn is after my grandma, and Michelle is my middle name. Again, we really like the name Titus, Keith is Jeremy's dad's name, and Wayne is what we will be giving as a second name to all of our boys, since that is tradition. Jeremy and his brothers all have Wayne as a second name. I really like using two middle names too, since it gives us more options! Anyway, it is very nice to finally be decided on these names and feel good about them. I really like to have them figured out long before baby arrives.

Next week I will be able to report on our doctor's visit. I'm definitely looking forward to that. Well, except for the glucose test that is. Not really one of my favorite things to do, but it will be nice to get it over with.

This last week I was in the baby department in the store looking at some things for Isabelle, and as I walked past the little tiny newborn outfits, I got so anxious to meet this little one. I guess I had really not been letting myself get too excited since it was still so far away, but now we are only down to three more months left . . . 12 weeks . . . that's it!! Then I think ahead to all the little things I need to be getting ready like the bassinet, car seat, all the paperwork, getting a baby book purchased (since I like to have them stamp our baby's feet in there while we are at the Birthing Center), etc., and I feel a little overwhelmed. I know that if I just quit putting things off, there will be plenty of time. Time to get busy I guess!

I love watching my kiddos at their different ages. Michael is so funny trying to do everything his big sister does. He tries a lot now to say what Isabelle says, although it still comes out somewhat jumbled at times. It's amazing how "boy" he already is too. I didn't realize how much of a difference there would be between them at this young of an age. Isabelle LOVES to help me cook in the kitchen. She pushes one of the chairs over from the table and will stand up there and taste test everything before it goes in the pan. She will try flour, baking soda, she really doesn't care. Then she will tell me "I like it Momma." She cracks me up. She has also started watching cooking shows on PBS. Italian, barbequing, it does not matter what it is. She would much rather watch them instead of the children's shows. Maybe she will be our little chef when she gets bigger. That would be nice!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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