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Week 27
~ Ahhh . . . Blessed Sleep!

Our little one is growing by leaps and bounds. I am definitely starting to feel like we are running out of room in there. I did find that this week when Jeremy was gone, I decided to try sleeping with his pillow between my knees. Wow! If I had any idea just how much it was going to help, I would have taken it long ago. No, we do have other pillows, so I have started using one of them at night now. It is amazing just how much it has helped with the round ligament pain and the pulled muscle. I think it actually allowed for it to heal some and it is really does feel much better. I think that overall I am just sleeping better through the night too. I highly recommend trying this if you haven't before.

Jeremy finished up the out of town work last week and actually has a few more weeks of work that is fairly close to home. I think it is only a couple of miles away, so we can go visit him for lunch. That will be nice. It is also help out with the fuel bill.

Well, it looks like some things have changed for us regarding the house. We originally thought that there was no way that the house would not sell before baby time, and we would for sure need to go ahead and move our stuff over to my parents' house. It appears though, that it will not be the case. It looks like we will be able to stay here for a while longer anyway and be able to be here when our baby is born. That will definitely be nice to bring our little one home and have time to get settled before we will have to do any moving. We really appreciate their willingness to have us stay there, but with the stress of a new little one, it will be good to be our own little family while we attempt to get into a groove. We shall see what the future holds for us.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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