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Week 28
~ Has the Chocolate Fast Ended??

The results are in . . . I passed my glucose test. Yay! I know that they said that no news was good news, but I did wonder just how close I was. My doctor said it is good to be under 140 and I was at 107, so well within the limits. It is very encouraging that my no desserts diet, particularly no chocolate (sniff, sniff), was not all for nothing. I am going to do my best to still limit myself to not more than a couple of desserts per week just to be safe.

My doctor visit was otherwise uneventful. Our little one's heartbeat was great and everything looks really good. My doctor said I have gained 21 pounds to date. She said, "Another 10 pounds and we'll have a baby!" I'm not really looking forward to the 10 pounds, but bring on the baby! Actually, when I was pregnant with Michael, I gained about 42 pounds when it was all said and done. That was insane! With, Isabelle's pregnancy it was right at 28 pounds. So, I feel pretty good about the weight this time. I'm sure that cutting back on the sweets has probably not hurt either.

I finally filled out all of my information and sent it back in to the Birthing Center, so that is all taken care of. We are still looking for a pediatrician though. I'm afraid that has not gone as easy as I was hoping. We will just keep searching and try to not stress about it. At my next doctor visit, I will have to see if she has any recommendations. That would be very helpful. As pleased as I have been with my doctor, I am hoping she has some good ones picked out. I really could not have asked for a better OB/GYN. She is very easy going about our choice to not have ultrasounds, and at the births, she has let Jeremy help "catch" our babies with no problem. She always makes me feel like she really cares about us and what is important to us. She's awesome!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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