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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Colds and Car Seats

We started off our week with another doctor's visit. I ended up going by myself this time since Jeremy and the kids were all home sick. My nurse was surprised to see me without the kids, so she asked if I had big plans afterwards. That would have been nice, but I'm afraid I had to go back home and help take care of some sick kids. Everything seems to be going really well with our little one though. The heart rate was in the 130s-140s again. My doctor asked if we had decided on names yet, and then quickly changed that to just asking what boy name we had picked out. She's still pretty sure that we are having a boy. I think I am going to have to guess girl. I really don't have anything good to base this on, just a hunch I guess. All three of the pregnancies have been so different, and it's hard to compare them.

So yes, as I already mentioned earlier, Jeremy and Isabelle did end up getting sick. Luckily the worst of it was only three or four days for Jeremy. Isabelle has had it hang on for a bit longer I'm afraid. She hasn't had any fevers for a while now, thank goodness, just a nasty cough that is hanging on. I'm sure not too much longer though and we will have it taken care of.

Well, we have some exciting news anyway. It appears that we finally have the car seat situation figured out. We were a little concerned that we would not be able to get three car seats into the back of our car, but it looks like we may have it taken care of now. We had been checking into car seats to see if we could find some that were narrower than the ones we already had. There were some we found that all but guaranteed that you could fit three of them across. They were convertible and would have probably been the last ones we would have needed to purchase. Only problem with them was they cost about $250 apiece. It would have been much cheaper than a new vehicle, but still a bit more than we were hoping to spend. We did however find some that were narrower and much cheaper. It will definitely be snug back there, but it will let us hold out on buying a bigger vehicle for a little while anyway. I'm not sure why they have to make car seats so big now. A little frustrating, but very glad we have a solution now.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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