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Week 36
~ Contractions??

We started off the week with another doctor visit. My doctor did go ahead and do the Group B Strep test this time. (Side Note: I just realized I referred to this as the Rh-Negative test in one of my previous entries, which would be incorrect. I meant to call it Group B Strep. Oops!) She also did check my cervix and found that I am dilated between 2-3cm. Yay! Glad to see that all of those Braxton Hicks are not for nothing! My doctor thinks that we will be having a November baby instead of December. I would be just fine with this. As long as baby comes after 37 weeks is all that I am concerned about. My doctor also thinks that this baby will be between seven and eight pounds. Isabelle was 7lbs, and Michael was 7lbs 14.5oz, so I am hoping she is right and we don't take a big jump again and go over 8 pounds. I suppose it does not matter now though. Our little one will come when he/she is ready and I really don't get a say in the size. As long as baby is healthy, that is all we care about.

I have been trying to tie up all of the loose ends for getting things ready for our little one's arrival. I figured that I would pack most everything on Sunday since it was the best day for me to work on it. Saturday is the 'change-over day' for me to start a new week for the pregnancy. Well, of course, Friday night I started having contractions. They started around 9:00pm, and started coming very regularly at every 10 minutes. So, I now have pretty much all of my bag packed, thanks to my paranoia that baby would show up that night. The contractions finally went away around 2am. Right when they started, I thought it would also be just our luck for things to happen before I was officially 37 weeks along. I know that the Birthing Center does not accept anything 'high risk', and anything before 37 weeks would fall into that category for them. I REALLY do not want to go to the hospital to have our little one, so it was a big relief to make it past that cutoff time.

We will be staying in the area this year and joining my in-laws for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to that. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. There is always so much good food and we always have a good time with our family. I have tried to get all of my shopping done this week in preparation for this. I really hate going shopping when the stores are crowded and there always seems to be an overabundance of stupid people at these times too. I'm sorry but it's amazing how many people lack good common sense. Hopefully though, I have not forgotten anything at the store and can wait until the following week to venture out again. Provided baby does not show up! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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