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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Still Here!

Horsey!Well, I'm afraid I have to report that I am still pregnant. I was really hoping that all of those contractions that I had were going to get something started. I guess not. I have still been having more contractions off and on, and they do seem to be getting gradually stronger, but nothing serious yet. It's just been enough to keep me on my toes and wonder if these are the ones that are going to get things started or not.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with my in-laws. The food was absolutely fantastic, and we had a really nice visit. We were also able to spend the day after Thanksgiving at my parents' house with all of my side of the family. That was also a lot of fun. We had originally planned on just having a day of leftovers, but instead my mom went ahead and cooked a turkey with all of the trimmings. So, we had two full Thanksgiving meals over two days. Yum! I'm thinking that my perhaps my 'weigh in' this week at the doctor will not be so great. Guess we will see!

I did have another doctor visit this week and everything is still looking great. Baby's heart rate was nice and strong again. We are really going to have to get things in gear if we are going to make it by the end of November though. My doctor did check me again and I was at a full 3cm now, so not much progress from last week. At least there is progress though. After my exam, my doctor said that I might have some bloody show, just so I would not be alarmed. I, for some reason, assumed that this would be fairly soon after the exam, but it was not until several hours later that I had a little bit. I was really hoping that it was not related to the exam and would be the start of something else. I also had another set of contractions that evening that were a little more intense than the ones I had previously had, so I was getting a little excited that maybe this was more than the exam. But, it appears that this was not the case. That is alright though. It is still not that much longer even if I go full term.

Here is just a picture I love of Isabelle and Michael taking a ride on Daddy, the horse!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time . . .
~ Emily

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