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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Emily

FamilyMy name is Emily and I have been married to my wonderful husband Jeremy for nine years. I absolutely love being a mom to my little sweeties! Isabelle is 5, Michael is 3, and Titus is 18 months. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

All three of our children's births differed quite a bit. Isabelle was born nine days early and came very fast for a first labor at about six and a half hours. Michael was born seven days early and was by far the most difficult during and after labor. He finally made his appearance about seventeen hours after labor started. And our little Titus was born eleven days early and was actually fairly easy on his momma. I had no idea labor could go so well. Labor with Titus lasted about eight hours.

At the beginning of January, we unfortunately experienced a miscarriage. That has, without a doubt, been the hardest thing we have been through together. We were so heartbroken to lose this little life. We know that God has a plan for everything though, and we will keep trusting that He also has everything under control.

I'm sure that the pregnancy and birth of this new little one will bring its own set of adventures. We are so excited and very grateful to go down this road again, and we are already looking forward to our amazing prize at the end of the journey!

Thank you all for reading my journal!

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