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Week 10
~ Settling In

Isabelle and MichaelI found myself the first couple of days after moving just wanting to find clean clothes and enough toiletries to shower. Sheesh! It was amazing just how mixed up everything got. Since I stayed at our old house helping box up stuff and directing things from there, I could not also be here at my in-laws when the guys would bring boxes and totes of stuff over to unload. So, needless to say, when you have guys trying to 'organize' things, it was a wee bit crazy. Sigh! Don't get me wrong though, I am very thankful for their help and most importantly, their muscles.

The kids also got sick on about day four of being here. That's just what we needed. There were a few sleepless nights in there. Isabelle and Michael are mostly over it now, but it does seem to be lingering for little Titus. I am almost scared to say this, but I did not get what the kids had. Hopefully it will stay that way. I always get what they have when I'm pregnant, so this is very nice.

Towards the end of this week I have been able to start feeling my little one move. I know some people will undoubtedly think I'm crazy, but that is okay. I did feel Titus move at about this time too, and I thought it must not be, but sure enough I kept feeling movement after that. It is only of course when I am sitting still, but I do feel movement. Yay! It is such a reassuring feeling. I am also still nauseous, but dare I say I think it is starting to get better. I am so ready for it to be gone.

With all of the craziness happening the past few weeks, we have not celebrated Isabelle's birthday yet, which was at the end of May. We are planning to do it this coming weekend though. She has been a patient little girl, but she is very excited to hear we are finally going to have her party. I can't believe my little girl is five!

My in-laws have an amazing back yard! Let's just say the kids have been a little on the thrilled side to go out and play on the swings, slide, play in the sprinklers, and dig in the garden dirt piles. They are in heaven. I am so glad there is a nice fenced in yard for them to go out and play in. It has been very good for them. They have been taking a few more baths as a result, but that's okay.

Here is a picture of Isabelle and Michael playing outside in the sprinklers, since it has finally been warm enough to.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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