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Week 11
~ Keeping Busy

Isabelle's birthdayOur little one is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is my belly. I will do my best to post a picture next time of me at twelve weeks. We do have our second appointment at the beginning of next week and are so very excited to hear a heartbeat. The kids will also be going with us, so it will be interesting to see their reactions. If my weight gain is tremendous like the one month with Michael where I gained twelve stinking pounds, I plan to just tell my doctor that it's been a very stressful month, and I really don't want to hear about it. I'm hoping that will just not be the case though. I don't need that kind of depressing news right now.

simple joys!We finally did end up having Isabelle's birthday party. She was so cute opening her gifts and got lots of little princess themed things that she has loved playing with. She also got some of the level one reader books. She really enjoys reading them and is doing well with them too. One of Jeremy's brothers and his wife got Isabelle four passes for the kids to go to an indoor bounce house. She keeps asking when we will go do the bouncy thing, so we are working on figuring out a time that their father can also accompany them, since it's not going to be me.

slide!My parents are both going to school right now to become long-haul truck drivers. Work for them has been very sparse, so they thought this might be nice to do so they could still be together. My dad has driven truck before, but not my momma. I know they will both do really well with it though. With all of this happening, my parents heard about a local truck show that was going on and invited us to go along with them. Michael loved it. The kids got to climb up inside a couple of big rigs and thought that was pretty exciting. Isabelle and Michael also played on one of those big inflatable slides that was a free service provided at the show. Yay for that! They were a little scared going down the first time, but after that they were hooked. We are glad we went along to the show and I know the kids will be beside themselves with excitement when Poppa and Grandma have a big truck of their own later this fall.

Here are a few pictures. One is from the truck show going down the slide, the second is from Isabelle's birthday party, and the last is of Jeremy pulling all three of them around the yard on a piece of cardboard. Ahhh, the simple joys in life!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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