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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ A Heartbeat...Such a Beautiful Sound!

Emily at 12 weeksWe did have our second doctor visit this past week and were able to hear that sweet little sound. The baby's heart rate was around 160 to 165 and so wonderful to hear. My doctor is saying that we are having a girl this time, but reserves the right to change her mind later. The kids did go along with us too and really enjoyed it. Isabelle definitely got more out of it than Michael, but they both had pretty big grins on their faces when we explained to them what the sound was. Michael thought we were going to actually see the baby, so he was a little disappointed when we left and had still not seen any baby. It was pretty cute.

Well, on to the bad news I guess. I believe that I gained about four pounds this past month, but my doctor thankfully did not say anything about my weight. That was nice. We did talk to her about the birthing center situation some. She has actually delivered a baby in the new hospital room that is designated for the birthing center patients and said that things went really well and everything seemed to be pretty comparable to the birthing center. We would still like to go tour the hospital to see how everything is set up, since there is some definite confusion as to how many rooms are set aside for the birthing center patients. If there is only one, then I'm not really sure how we will end up handling things. Every time I have had a baby at the birthing center there was at least one other person there, and I really don't want my chances to be even less for getting a room. Our doctor also said she was still considering the homebirth option too. Just lots of questions still to be answered I guess. We will keep working on it.

I did end up getting some plants put in for a small garden this year. Thanks to the ridiculously long rainy and cold season though, I did not get it in near as soon as I had planned. We are hoping that the plants will actually produce before it gets cold again. I am so anxious to have some garden fresh tomatoes and squash. There is nothing quite like it. Man, it's making me hungry just thinking about it.

Well, here is a picture of me at twelve weeks, so you can see just how much I am showing already. I can't believe I am already entering the second trimester. Back when I was feeling very nauseous and just plain icky all of the time, I thought it might not ever end, but thankfully we are moving on to better times.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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