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Week 13
~ Just Plugging Along

Well, there is not much to report on the baby front. I am still gradually getting past feeling icky all of the time. Every once in a while I have a morning where I start off feeling very nauseous and like I might throw up, but they are getting much farther apart now. Michael and Isabelle are becoming much more aware of the baby and are coming up to me more often to talk to the baby. Michael came up the other day and said, "Hi baby, this is your brother." Then he came back a few seconds later and said it all again, except he added…your brother Michael. It was pretty cute. I guess he didn't want there to be any confusion between him and Titus.

For those who have not followed along with my other journal, we have chosen to not do ultrasounds with our children. I guess for us we have seen some things out there that show ultrasounds to have side effects we are not okay with. We feel for us we would much rather err on the side of caution, so we have never had one done and don't intend to unless there is some reason my doctor feels is necessary. We obviously never find out the gender ahead of time, although we would choose to wait anyway. We really like that amazing surprise at the end when Jeremy places our little one on my tummy and announces a boy or a girl. It's awesome.

We also really enjoy picking out two names and getting to go through the fun of narrowing both names down. I believe though, for me, it is becoming much more difficult to choose names with the more children we have. I cannot tell you how crazy it is this time. We do finally have a girl name picked out, but we are still working on a boy name. I think I have it narrowed down to around twenty now though. Sheesh!

I believe we are actually starting to get settled in a bit more now. My in-laws have a camp trailer that all five of us have been sleeping in until the rooms were built inside. This week we did get the kids room completed, so they have been staying inside now which has been very nice for them. My father-in-law also bought a bunk bed for the kids, which they are pretty much beside themselves about. The only downside is they are always fighting over who gets the top bunk. It is nice though not having that extra stress to worry about before baby comes. We are thankful for it and it has made such a huge difference in the floor space available, which is most welcomed right now.

This past week Titus has started saying so many more words and phrases that we are finally starting to understand. He says 'hi' and 'bye' now too, both while he is waving. He is such a cutie pie. When we are driving, he will look out the window and say, "Momma, car!" He also will say, "Me fall down" when he falls. He's growing up too fast, but it is nice to actually be able to understand him more, since he has been 'talking' for so long now. It is also nice to hear his sweet little voice.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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