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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ So Very Vomitrocious

MichaelThe beginning of week fourteen started of with a bang . . . a bang of barf that is. Oh man! I have seen more barf and cleaned up more of it than I ever cared to. I have no clue where the bug came from but Titus woke up at about 10:00 Friday night and threw up all over in his bed. Then we spent all of Saturday and Sunday going through times of trying to keep a bucket close by and clean up more messes when we were too slow. He also was running a fever of around 100. He was finally doing better by Monday, and then Michael got it.

We went to a parade on Monday morning, and that was our first clue that Michael was sick . . . in the car . . . on the way to the parade. This is one of the few times I'm glad our vehicle has leather seats. Then he spent the next three days throwing up and feeling really poorly. It's obvious they don't feel good when all they want to do is lay around. The first couple of times Michael threw up and we rushed in with the bucket, he would start yelling and crying, saying, "No, don't do that; I don't want to throw up." The poor little guy thought that we were causing it to happen when we brought the bucket over. Once we explained that he was just sick and it was unfortunately something that was just going to happen, and we could not change that, he did much better with just grabbing the bucket for himself each time. Ahh, good times!

TitusTitus was very clingy to me during all of this too. On the one hand it was nice to get to hold him so much with him sleeping on my lap and being able to gaze upon his cuteness, but it was a little tiring too. He would just cry when I would put him down. Throughout this time, Isabelle just had days that where she complained of her tummy bothering her, and she also had a low-grade fever like the boys. When it was all done, we were at five days of craziness. I am just so glad it is over, and I am also once again very surprised and thankful I did not get it. It was tiring enough without being ill myself.

We did end up going on ahead to the parade. I guess we figured it would probably distract him and I did have a change of clothes in the car for him, so after cleaning up the wonderful mess, we enjoyed the parade for the fourth. The kids ended up with a boatload of candy too. It was nice having to tell them that they couldn't really eat any of it either since they were all sick. Thankfully candy never goes bad, so they will be able to eat it for quite a while.

IsabelleOn the pregnancy front, I have been feeling really good lately . . . well except being tired with sick kids, that is. Dare I say that I might actually be done with being nauseous? I have also started drinking lots of tea. I find that a little weird, since I am really not a tea drinker. I have been making sun tea and have found that the berry zinger and mint teas have really been hitting the spot. And I'm not even sweetening them with anything. I guess that is good though. It's nice to have something I'm craving that is actually healthy. It's unfortunate that ice cream is not a little better for you. I would just replace a meal with it.

Well here are some pictures of the kids waiting for the parade. At least we had a nice time there and no one threw up while we were there. They waited till we got home so it could be all over the carpet.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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