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Week 15
~ The Lost is Now Found

When we moved a couple of months ago, in preparation for the big day I was fully intending to return our current library books at the time. Time apparently got away from me and I was unable to get the books back ahead of time. Since that didn't work out, I ended up just putting them all in the car so they wouldn't get mixed in with anything else, or so I thought. Well about six weeks later, I received a recording from the library telling me we still had one of the kid's books that was a bit overdue. That was a little on the surprising side to receive. We have never had overdue books, and I knew that it must have somehow gotten mixed in with our books . . . the ones in the huge mess at the storage unit. I ALWAYS check my library receipt before taking back the books to make sure I have everything . . . except for this one time. It was slightly irritating. The only good thing that came from it was that our storage unit is now completely organized. I did find the elusive book in one of our many boxes of books and thankfully had only racked up $6.00 in fines. Lesson learned: Library books and moving don't mix well.

I have been trying to exercise more this pregnancy. Which, for me, any exercise would be more. It really is pretty sad. I am terrible at being consistent with any sort of exercise. I did find a good exercise DVD to use during my pregnancy though. She has some good stuff on there and talks a lot about how much it can actually help for the birth to decrease the labor time and help with the pain. I'm all for that. So I will do my best to keep up at this and maybe we can pop this baby out in ten minutes. Yeah, right! It would still be nice to be in shape towards the end regardless though.

I made the mistake when Isabelle was younger of completing her baby book with all sorts of pictures and nearly every little detail about the girl. So, now to even try to compete with that for the boys' sake, it's been a tremendous amount of work to try and at least put some information in there for them. I've been working on updating them again recently, since usually when something happens to write down in there, I just write it on a sticky note and put it in the front of their book until a later time when I can write it in nicely. Keeping up on three of them has been challenging to say the least. I think for this baby we might just write a name in the front, put the foot prints in there, and call it good. So if you are just starting out in this department with your first precious little one . . . think small. You will thank yourself later.

There is not a whole lot of news in regards to our new little one. Things are progressing wonderfully and I'm starting to feel stronger kicks. I love it! I do have a doctor appointment next week, so hopefully there will be more to report then.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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