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Week 16
~ Another Visit to the Doctor

Michael on the trampolineOur third visit to the doctor went well. We, of course, heard that little heartbeat again and it was 157-163 bpm. Our doctor is still guessing a girl. Jeremy is also guessing a girl and he and our doctor have been right all three times. I, on the other hand, have been wrong all three times. I would love to have another little girl, and especially for Isabelle to be able to grow up with a sister would be nice. However, that being said, we will of course be thrilled to also welcome another boy into our home.

We did not learn a whole lot more about the birthing center as I was again hoping to. My doctor did tell us that it is only one room over there, so I asked her how that will be handled in the event that it is full when we go in. She said that we would just have to move to another room, but that the same rules and prices would apply. That is at least nice to know. I did ask again about the paperwork we still haven't received from the hospital in regards to the new changes, and she stopped what she was doing and called them directly to tell them she had a patient there that still had not received anything, and then she took down my updated address and said she would fax it to them as soon as the appointment was over. So I'm hoping this will get something moving and we will see something soon. I guess we will know soon enough.

Isabelle practicing her artwork in chalkI think it is good to be emotional when the time is right, but for whatever reason, I seem to be excessively emotional this pregnancy. I know in the past, with the other pregnancies, I have had my moments, but right now it seems to be all the freaking time. I'm sure that is what Jeremy is thinking too. I am all for not crying over everything. Sometimes I will try and tell Jeremy something that really is a non-crying matter and before I know it I'm all choked up again. Or there have been other times where we have been together with some friends and family where I just will choose to not say anything at all for fear of crying. Who needs those kinds of awkward moments? Sheesh!

Titus loves to waterJeremy's brother and his wife just had their fourth baby this past week. We had been waiting to see if they were having a boy or girl and what name they picked before we for sure decided on our girl name, since they had decided to not tell anyone the names ahead of time. With their third little one, they had the girl name picked out that we really like, but instead had a boy, so we assumed that the girl name would still be in the running for their fourth. Well, this week they did have a little girl, but they decided to go with a different name. Yay! We are glad that we can stick with the one we have picked out. Not to mention, picking a new one might take us years!

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing outside. Summer is definitely in full swing here. Most days are in the high eighties to mid nineties, but we have had few in the hundreds. Actually, I'm very surprised that we have had as many days in the eighties as we have since it is usually in the upper nineties by now. That's okay though…we certainly welcome the relief!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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