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Week 18
~ Yikes . . . 30!

Well, I decided to take things into my own hands and try to get some sort of news in regards to the birthing center. I called the phone number for the birthing center and talked to someone who did tell me that they did in fact have some information to send out to me. They took down my information and told me if by the end of the week I had not received anything, to call them back and let them know. They also told me that we could just take a tour of the obstetrics floor in the hospital any time we wanted to, but they advised us calling ahead of time since there is only one room. We figured we would just try and go the next opportunity we had to leave the kids somewhere.

Later in the week we did receive the information in the mail, but it was really rather pathetic in its description of the changes. I'm pretty sure my doctor told me more than that letter did. They did give us a number to call to set up a tour if we wanted to though. This number was different from the previous one I had called, so we thought maybe it would be good to try and actually schedule an appointment rather then just showing up, in hopes that we would get a little more info from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I guess we will see. Our appointment is set for the middle of week nineteen, so not too much longer to wait.

At the beginning of week eighteen, I'm afraid I turned thirty. I am not at all ready for that. What in the world happened to the twenties? I remember being a teenager and thinking that thirty was pretty old. I suppose there is nothing I can do about it though. We did get to spend a nice afternoon at my parents' house, and also later in the week Jeremy made a nice dinner for me and bought flowers, sparkling cider, used the nice dishes. It was a very nice, relaxing evening.

Our little one is starting to get so much more active. Well, I suppose that is probably not true. I'm sure our baby has been active all along, but I can just feel the movement much better now. I was also able to feel our baby from the outside for the first time. I love getting to this point. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now for Jeremy to start feeling some movement.

Jeremy finally had some time to work on Isabelle's bike and put her training wheels on too this week. She was so funny to watch. At first she just took it easy, riding kind of slow, and then after a while she was so excited to show us she could now ride standing up. Someday we will have to take her somewhere that has a little more room for her to ride too, so she can get the hang of balancing herself a little better.

I can't believe it, but we have our first produce from the garden now. It was zucchini and some peppers, but we are very excited just the same. We love fried zucchini, and there is nothing like having it fresh from the garden. Now if only the tomatoes would make their grand entrance.

Here is a picture of Isabelle riding her bike.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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