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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Hospital Tour

We were finally able to take the hospital tour that we were hoping to. Jeremy and I both found it to be better than what we were expecting, which was encouraging. I think we were just not trying to get our hopes up. We did get lots of questions answered too, like how to go about checking in when we show up. They told us there is a special parking lot on the side of the building specifically for OB patients, and we are supposed to just come through the side door and skip the main entrance. That is nice to know, especially since it's a much shorter walk.

The room does have the furniture from the birthing center set up in there also, so it does look very familiar. For the most part, they have done pretty good to make it not look like a hospital room and most of the machines and equipment are not there or put away. It is nice to know that we feel confident with this option if that is how things end up. We still plan to ask my doctor in a couple of months for sure where she stands on doing a homebirth, and then we will make our final decision.

We have been working on setting up a long-term storage shed here so that we can move our stuff out of storage and have it more accessible, and most importantly stop paying the monthly fee for the other one in town. Jeremy did not have work this week like he had originally thought, so he and his dad have been able to work quite a bit on it and are actually almost finished now. It's nice to have one more thing to check off of the list for getting done around here. Now hopefully onto getting the room ready for Jeremy and me so we can move in out of the trailer soon. It's a very nice trailer, but I am so ready to not have to walk inside multiple times at night to go to the bathroom.

Hurray! One week after our zucchini showed up, we had some tomatoes. I cannot tell you just how much I love homegrown tomatoes. The only problem was there were only about four of them, and it looks like it is going to be a while before the next bunch will be ready. We love open face cheese, tomato, and avocado sandwiches on sourdough, particularly with fresh tomatoes. Hopefully we will get some more before it starts cooling off again.

Our little one is doing fantastic. Jeremy was able to feel the movement for the first time this past week too. It actually didn't take as long of me trying to have him feel as it usually does. You all know the rule . . . as soon as you try to have someone feel, baby stops moving. Jeremy had a pretty big grin on his face too. It's such an amazing experience . . . I love it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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