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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Good Grief!

FUN!Well this past week brought along with it both leg cramps and round ligament pain. I am not impressed. I have never had the leg cramping/aching with the other three pregnancies, so it was a little bit of surprise when it showed up, and I can pretty much say it hurts like the devil. At first I thought maybe I had just pulled a muscle in my calf, but after several days of it hurting off and on, I'm pretty sure that is not the case. I did get some calcium chews from the store to try and see if that will help.

FUN!As for the round ligament pain, I expected it to show up earlier than it did, so holding out this long has been very nice. I have just had a few twinges here and there at this point, and it hasn't been there all day. I imagine that the exercising I have been trying to do more of has probably played a big role in that. I have been a little lax these past couple of weeks, so hopefully I can try to get back into some sort of routine here again soon. Maybe I can hold it at bay for a little while longer.

We have made good progress moving everything out of storage and into the storage building here. We also got the room cleared out inside, material purchased, and a wall built inside. The room still needs some things like caulking around the trim, textured, primed, and painted. Then I think we will be ready to start moving our stuff in there. I am hoping to see it happen this next week. I am very excited!

FUNWe took the kids for the second time to the bounce place Isabelle got tickets to for her birthday. Titus did not go this time, even though he is free; he just did not enjoy it last time though. Maybe when he gets a little older. The place we went to has a velcro wall you can put on a suit and stick yourself to, and also some oversized boxing gloves. It was pretty funny watching the kids try and play with them. The gloves were pretty heavy for them, so it more just made them top heavy and they would tip over easily. It was very funny to watch. We also took my sister's two kids and the four of them had a blast together. They all played hard and wore themselves out, which was nice.

Here are a few pictures from the kids' fun day.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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