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Week 25
~ Time Goes By Too Fast!

This past week started the first AWANA meeting for our little Isabelle. I can't even believe she's old enough to do this. There is a group that meets fairly close to us, and so her grandparents signed her up for us. She was so stinking cute the first night I took her. It was obvious she was a little on the shy side, but she had so much fun. I'm so glad she has this to interact with other Christian kids of her age. They spend time working on memorizing, playing games, and then some sort of project each week. She is already doing really well with the memorizing too. I'm so proud of her! It is supposed to go through the end of November and then start back up sometime in January. That should work out pretty good for baby time too.

Michael has been doing really well with his letter sounds lately. He will just bring up a letter and tell us what sound it makes. When he tells us about 'M', he tells us, "M stands for Michael!" He's pretty cute. Our little Titus is getting so big. He is starting to really bulk up and I'm sure when our little one comes he will look gigantic. Right now he spends a lot of time falling and bonking his head. He is definitely all boy!

Things are still going quite well with the pregnancy, but we have still been struggling with a boy name for this little one. I think we feel pretty confident about the girl name we have picked out, but the boy name has been really hard this time. I think we are zeroing in on a first name, but the middle name is still a ways out. We have tried to stick with family names in the past, but this time it feels like the options that are left are just not something we want to use or it has been used by someone else. I know we will figure it out before baby time, I'm just hoping it's more than the week before.

When I was pregnant with Titus, towards the end of the pregnancy, I talked to my naturopathic doctor about taking something to help with the bleeding after the birth. I bled quite a bit with Isabelle, and even more so with Michael. As a result, I felt pretty wiped out afterwards and not really up for doing much in the first few days. With Michael I also had some clotting that caused some horrendous contractions for a while after the birth that I wanted to avoid ever having again. My doctor said that I could start taking alfalfa that has Vitamin K in it that would help reduce the bleeding.

Well, sure enough, the only thing I did different for my pregnancy with Titus was take the alfalfa. The difference was absolutely night and day. I felt so much better after having Titus than I did with the other two; I didn't know it was possible to feel that good. It was wonderful! So now that we are starting to approach the end, I plan to talk to our doctor again about the supplements and find out how much I need to be taking this time to help with all of that. I'm all for having some energy when it's all over.

Jeremy has actually been working some this past week, which we are very thankful for. I must admit, I do really miss the extra help with the kiddos too. I know they miss him too and undoubtedly prefer a more rested mommy. Jeremy has been working for the same company and boss that I used to work for when I was an electrician. He is more just helping and doing grunt work right now instead of going on to get his journeyman license like I did. Work is too slow for that right now; I think it might take him twenty years. It's been fun listening to him talk about things I know a lot about when he gets home everyday, and also his interaction with different coworkers I used to work with.

Sometimes he will tell me how hard it was to do a certain job, and I usually tell him I know. It's been fun bringing up some of those old memories of work, some good, and some bad, but I wouldn't trade being home with my sweet little kiddos for anything. I love being home now and know that I am very blessed to be home with our kids and not working out in the elements any more. I'm so thankful my husband has chosen to do it for me.

Since moving into the house, I have been working on getting everything put away, and finding a place for everything has been a little bit challenging. Trying to figure out what we absolutely need right now and what can wait is tough. I'm sure it will all work out, and thankfully, we still have a little while until baby time to get all of that stuff out and a place found for it too.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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