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Week 26
~ The Dreaded Round Ligament Pain

This past weekend, a local park and history museum hosted a free day to tour the museum along with setting up booths in the park to explore. We have gone before and enjoyed it, so we decided to go again. We had a really nice time, and the weather thankfully cooperated too. The kids did pretty good overall, but were getting tired and cranky by the end of the day. Michael really enjoyed the Medieval section where there was sword fighting to watch. He wanted so bad to go out and join them.

With all of that walking around, I seemed to do just fine. I was tired at the end of the day, but did not experience too much other pain. A few days after that, however, was not the case. My word, the round ligament pain seemed to make up for not showing up earlier in the pregnancy, like I had expected it to. There were a couple of nights that were pretty rough, and as a result, the next couple of days were also not good. I felt old trying to walk around. Every time I would get up, the pain was ridiculous and it felt like I had to walk it off. Sheesh! Those two days were definitely the worst, but it has not gone away completely, it's just not as bad. I sleep with a pillow between my legs at night, but that does not seem to be helping as much as I would like. Hopefully it will not get that bad again, but thankfully only thirteen more weeks of this to go.

We have another doctor appointment coming up this next week. It will be for the glucose test, and we also plan to ask our doctor if she will do a homebirth or not. We have definitely been having some serious thoughts about whether or not homebirth is the way we are supposed to go, with our without my doctor. I REALLY want it to be my doctor, but with everything changing with the birthing center, we are beginning to feel this may be another route we are supposed to explore. We will just keep praying and see what my doctor says this week.

This week was the first time I was able to feel our little one have the hiccups. It's such a funny feeling to have your belly moving with these little pulses. I know with the boys I had them very frequently, especially with Titus. Towards the end, it seemed like it was all the time with that little boy. We are getting pretty excited to meet our little one and wondering if we are having a boy or girl. Since each pregnancy has been so different, it's hard to compare girl versus boy. I think I would lean towards guessing a girl at this point, but only because this little one has been way more gentle on me than the boys were. The kicks have not been as brutal.

Michael has been doing really well with his letters lately and frequently lets us know what the letters 'say'. Or he loves tell us that, "M starts with Michael." We try to tell him that it's the other way around, but it has yet to stick with him. Soon enough and he will get it I'm sure. It's been very interesting with the schooling to see the differences between him and Isabelle. She loves to read, and Michael is way more of a hands-on kind of guy. He cannot sit still, so we are still working on trying to find things for him that he can hold and do and not be too long for his attention span right now. We are getting it though, I think. Then we will have our baby and everything will go out the window again.

Our little Titus is doing great and growing so fast too. It won't be too much longer and I will have to switch over his clothes to the next size up. I'm hoping to do that fairly soon, so we can avoid too much stuff close to baby time. Titus is our accident prone child. He always has some sort of bruise or cut on his head. That also might be related to how much he loves to climb on things and that he pretty much has no fear. My mom informed me that I was this way too at his age. Nice! I'm afraid there are lots of pictures to back up her story too. I'm glad Titus is adventurous, but it has its stressful moments when he comes running up with blood running down his head. Good times!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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