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Week 27
~ Answers?

Well, we did have a visit with my doctor this past week, but did not quite get all of the answers I was hoping for. The night before the visit, Jeremy and I sat down and wrote up a letter to take with us to possibly give to my doctor. We wanted to have everything written down about how we felt in regards to a homebirth so we could do our best to not say something we would regret, but also to make sure we said everything we wanted to. We figured we would give it to her if she said she needed time to think about things.

The next morning, we went to the appointment and were able to hear that sweet little heartbeat again. This was the first time my doctor said that it's possible that we might be having a boy. The heartbeat was around 150 bpm, so it has slowed down a little bit. We will see at our next visit where it is. They also took my blood pressure, and I meant to ask if it was high again, but forgot. I'm assuming the nurse would have mentioned it again if that had been the case though. Then Jeremy went ahead and asked our doctor if she had thought anymore about doing a homebirth. He also told her that we had been praying about it and feeling more like God wanted us to do a homebirth this time. She said, "Has He told you what I'm supposed to do?" She also laughed . . . a lot. It was very funny. So I piped up and told her that yes, God said she was supposed to do one for us.

After thinking about it for a minute, she said that she would talk to one of the nurses who used to work for the birthing center and see if the nurse would be game to do a homebirth with her. Wow! That was not exactly the response I was expecting. I kind of thought since we had not heard much of anything else I figured my doctor was just going to say no. I realize it could still end up that way, but to check with this nurse first was encouraging. My doctor said she would let us know at our next appointment, which is in two weeks. So we will sit and wait.

The round ligament pain is still there, I'm afraid. It still seems to come and go right now and some days are much worse than others. I have still been exercising, so hopefully that is helping some. Our baby is doing great and the movements are changing from little bumps and pokes to bigger movements like flopping side to side. I'm always so amazed by the miracle of the little life inside me. It's so crazy to sit and watch your belly moving around. I love it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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