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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Still No Answers?

This week brought with it even more Braxton Hicks and the round ligament pain was pretty rough. Too much walking around during the day can make trying to sleep at night very unpleasant. That combined with the three to four times getting up to go to the bathroom at night does not really make for a restful evening. I guess my body will be good and prepared for the sleepless nights after baby is born.

I did have my doctor visit again this week. Not really anything to report again. My doctor still has some things work out before giving us her answer for sure. I am a little discouraged again, but I guess it will all fall into place eventually. My blood pressure was good this time too, and baby's heart rate was averaging in the 150s, and got clear up to 170 bpm while baby was moving around. My doctor is back to thinking we are having a girl. Jeremy hasn't changed his guess the whole time. I guess we will know soon enough.

I am beginning to feel very stressed about not having things ready for our little one to show up yet. I would normally have most everything out and washed by now. Since we are not in our own home however, things are not near as ready as I would like. Part of the problem was not knowing where some of it was and not being able to get to it very well in the storage shed, but thanks to the shed having the leaking problems last week, everything is pretty accessible now. Time to get busy!

On a more positive note, it looks like my parents will finally be able to be home from their truck driving training next week for some home time. Yay! We are very excited to see them since it has been about twelve weeks since the last time we got to see them. We are used to seeing them more like every one to two weeks, so this was a big change. I know they are also very ready to be home and the kids are anxious to see their grandparents too. They have a nice brand new truck that they just started doing their team driving in, and I know the kids will be beside themselves to see it. We still do not know yet if it will work out for them to be home around baby time. It just seems wrong for my mom to not be there, so we will keep praying it all works out.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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