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Week 34
~ Food, Family, Fun . . . Fat?

Well, just as suspected, we did have a nice time with our family for Thanksgiving. There was so much amazingly good food. It was awesome. As a result however, I am not looking forwards to the weigh in this next week for my doctor appointment. I think it was worth it though. We also had a nice time visiting and playing games. The kids got to play with some of their cousins that were visiting from out of town, so that was also a bonus.

Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, my parents actually got a load for their truck that took them through the area, so we were able to go and spend a couple of hours with them at a restaurant at the truck stop before they headed off again. It was awesome that we were able to see them too, since we had figured it would not be for a couple more weeks at least. We were out pretty late, but it was worth it.

I do have another doctor visit coming up this next week. I am very much so looking forward to seeing if I am dilated, particularly since I have been having A LOT of Braxton Hicks that seem to be getting stronger and lasting longer. As it is right now, I have at least a few of them every hour. This past week I went ahead and sent off my pre-registration info for the hospital too. Hopefully this will help with the checking in side of things and helping everything go smoother. I guess we'll see. I can also say that the baby has dropped. I am definitely feeling more space up at my ribcage, and I'm afraid my bladder really seems to be getting more abuse down there.

My goal this next week is to start getting out a bunch of the baby clothes, car seat, bassinet, etc., and start washing everything. We also purchased a new to us armoire that I found on Craigslist that should work out well for all the clothing, blankets, and such. When we lived at our house, there was plenty of hanging space in the closet for the kids stuff, but we do not have that here. So it is nice to finally have something that I can start filling with things. I'm looking forward to having that out of the way.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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