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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Making Good Progress!

Well, I am happy to report we are finally making some good progress on getting things ready to meet this little one. I got the car seat all washed and a bunch of the 0-3 month sizes of both girl and boy clothes washed and ready. It has relieved a lot of stress knowing that things are coming together and we will not have a ton of work to do when we get home from the hospital.

I had another visit with my doctor this past week, and she did check me for progress. She said I am dilated to between 2-3 cm, and also 60% effaced. So for me, this probably doesn't really mean anything, since I know it still easily be a couple more weeks. It is nice to know that the Braxton Hicks are doing something though. I have been having more of the contractions now that are more like cramps in my lower abdomen. I can also feel them more in my back now too. Baby's heart rate was 153 bpm, up to 161 bpm with movement, and my blood pressure was also normal. I will also be starting to have weekly visits from now on too. Yay!

I am so ready to be able to be able to sleep a little more comfortably. Not getting up to go to the bathroom so frequently would certainly be nice. Also, for it to not be such a production rolling over in the bed at night with trying to get pillows situated sounds pretty nice too. Thankfully we are nearing the end.

My sweet little Titus also turned two this week. It does not seem possible that he can already be two. I feel so blessed that we have him and Isabelle and Michael, and this new little one on the way. Being a parent is such a rewarding experience, despite it being very challenging at times. It is so worth it though! We are planning a birthday party with the family on the weekend. It will be very nice to get that part of it over with before we get too close to baby time. It is absolutely crazy to think we will be having this baby in four weeks or less. I'm so excited!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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