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Week 5
~ Don't Burst My Bubble of Joy!

We spent most of the week telling other family and friends that we wanted to share the news with in person. Some people's reaction was a little frustrating. I could just sense that that what they really wanted to say was, "Another one, how are you going to take care of another one?" For some reason we are some kind of freaks now that we will have four kids and that we still would be so happy to have more. I just do not get it. First of all, I know we are far from wealthy, but our kids are all fed, clothed, and sheltered, and always will be. And why in the world would they not be just as excited for our fourth, fifth, etc., as they were for our first babies? I know we are, and we certainly do not come down on people for only have one, two, or three children. Okay, I think I'm done ranting; it is just something that is so irritating and hurtful.

Overall, I have felt pretty good this last week. There were only a few quick waves of nausea that were thankfully not long lasting. There has been some mild cramping and backaches, and I have been feeling a little more tired than normal.

I have been spending some evenings starting to go over names. I feel like it is going to take us a while this time to come to something that we both really like. Thankfully we are starting early though and will hopefully have them figured out sooner than we did with Titus.

We have still been plowing ahead with homeschooling, and Isabelle is doing great. She has been reading the four-letter word books for a while now, and does awesome with them. It is fun to see just how often she will try to sound out things she sees, like road signs, labels off of food items, or thing in the store. Michael is starting to write letters and his name. He is doing pretty well with it too, and it's funny, when he writes his name he always wants to end with an 'O' on the end. So we will have to start calling him Michael-o.

Our little Titus is keeping me very busy too. He climbs everything and as a result he also falls down a lot. He is always whacking his head on something. He gave his momma a good scare this past week too. He was upset and crying because I had set him down to warm up his bottle, and I had my back to him when he walked away from me. I heard him fall, but had assumed that he only had hit his head on the floor, but after a few seconds, he turned around and it became very apparent it was more than that. Come to find out later, he had hit his head on the door hinge that sticks out on the pantry door, and since head wounds bleed pretty bad, it looked rough. The blood was just dripping off his head all over the floor and his face, and he had already smeared it all over by the time he turned around to look at me. Needless to say it was a little surprising to see all that blood and I wasn't sure at the time if it was just his head or his eye too. I think I lost a couple of years from that one. Sheesh. Thankfully though, he is fine now and it is healing nicely.

I hope that the weather is maybe finally warming up where you are. It just keeps teasing us here. There will be a day or two of warm days just to tease us I guess, and then we are back to rain, rain, and more rain. I'm ready for it to go away. There is a reason we do not live on the coast.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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