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Week 6
~ Oh So Tired!

IsabelleI cannot believe just how tired I have been. I wake up in the morning tired and go to bed tired. If I am able to somehow squeeze in a nap, I wake up tired from my nap. Luckily though, with three other children, there is lots of time for napping. The morning/all-day sickness has hit pretty much full force. Well, let's at least hope that it does not get worse from here. I have not thrown up yet, but have gotten really close a couple of times. It is worse in the morning, but is still there all day. It does seem to help ease things some when I am eating, but as soon as I'm done, it is right back again. I'm pretty sure if I eat every time I am nauseous, the results will not be pretty.

I have tried the scrumptious ginger tea, but the taste just might make me actually throw up. It was not good. I am taking some ginger capsules now though, and I think I have noticed an ever so slight difference. Hopefully this will all just not last too terribly long.

MichaelI cannot believe I am writing this, but I am already starting to show. I cannot fit in my jeans anymore. Well, not unless I want to stand the whole time anyway. Thankfully I have some jeans that are just in a little bigger size so I can avoid maternity clothes for a little while longer maybe.

We are getting ready for a trip to California to see some family and friends. I am hoping the fatigue does not interfere too much with driving. We really want to drive straight through. Jeremy is a really good long distance driver, and I do okay, as long as it is not dark. I'm sure he will be driving as we get closer and it gets dark out, since I have absolutely no desire to drive in the LA area.

We did replace our car about a month ago now, and feel so blessed with being able to buy an older suburban from my in-laws. It's nice to know how it's been treated. Our car just finally gave up, and we knew that it would cost way more than the car was worth to fix it. I put it on Craigslist, and within half an hour, we had several offers on it. It was crazy. We began to wonder if we should have advertised it for more. We were just glad that we did not have to deal with taking it to a junk yard though, and we feel we didn't rip anyone off this way since we know all of its problems.

TitusWe are very grateful to be able to drive a suburban to California and be able to spread out a little. It is nice that the Isabelle and Michael can be on different benches and far away from Titus that they are not all pestering each other. My parents have a DVD player they are loaning us for the trip too. We are hoping that will help with keeping them occupied. I guess we will know soon enough.

Here are a few pictures of the kids. One is of our pretty little lady all ready for church, and the others are of the boys playing outside, since it has finally been warm enough.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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