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Week 7
~ California!

Tea Cups!At the end of week seven, we did take our trip to California. It was a very long drive, sixteen hours to be exact, in a vehicle with three little ones. Part of the reason it was so long was because we did end up stopping several times to let everyone get out and walk around, and you might say my need to stop and use a restroom was a little on the high side. With the kids though, it was a welcomed break.

They did pretty well with the DVD player, when they were not arguing over whose turn it was to pick a movie. Overall though, everyone did okay. We were all definitely ready to get out of the car though. We had originally planned on going for a little over a week, but some stuff came up mid-week that we had to return for, so we were back in the car for that return trip much sooner than we had hoped.

Family!While we were there, Jeremy's grandma and uncle took us to Disneyland for a day. We had really wanted to take the kids, so it all worked out awesome. The kids had so much fun and we did lots of attractions. The only thing we would have done differently would have been to make sure they had been more rested before going. It was all Michael could do to keep it together and the other two were a bit on the cranky side too. It was too bad that we were so rushed and couldn't break it up into two days. We were just very grateful to go though and will know for next time.

The weather was not the best while we were there either. That was kind of frustrating, although not much you can do about it, I guess. We did not go to the ocean like we really wanted to, thanks to the windy and rainy weather. We did have a very nice time getting to see some friends and family we had not seen for quite a while though. We did end up taking the kids to Travel Town in Griffith Park where they have train cars you can look at along with a little museum. They also had a little train you could ride around the park a few times. That was very exciting for them.

Titus!As far as the pregnancy was concerned, things went much better than I expected them to. I thought that the drive down was going to be horrible, due to the nausea. It wasn't super fun, but it was manageable. I did have a little bit of a cold when we left, and that combined with the overall fatigue, I did not do much driving on the way down. I have also started to wear maternity pants. It is crazy just how fast I have gone to needing to wear them this time. I'm sure that eating out lots while we were on vacation did not help the situation either. Fantastic!

Here are some pictures from our California trip. Jeremy rode the tea cups at Disneyland with Michael and Isabelle. I figured I was already nauseous enough. The next is of all of us together in the train at Travel Town, and the last is of Titus checking out the trains.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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