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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ Living in Interesting Times

IsabelleAt the beginning of week nine, I will have my first doctor's appointment. I am very excited to start having the visits. I really love hearing my little one's heartbeat, although I'm sure we will be a little early this time, and it also helps make the time go faster for me. I also really love my doctor. She's amazing. I will have lots to fill her in on too, since I haven't been there to tell her about the miscarriage yet.

MichaelWell, we returned from our trip to find that we just might have to move in a few days. Talk about stressful! We have some stuff going on right now with our house and whether or not we will have to move out. We had to come home early from our trip to California so that we could take care of some things. It's a really long subject, but Jeremy did file some stuff to try and stop it, but right now we are just working towards the possibility that we might have to be out of here this week. We are still praying that God has other things in mind, but we also know that if His plan is for us to move right now, we will be just fine. So, since we have been home, we have been packing and doing our best to try and be as ready as we can in the event we need to move. Ahhh, good times!

I think we are all finally starting to recover from our trip and catching up on some sleep. The kids were a little cranky the first couple of days. Thankfully though, the weather is finally starting to warm up here and they have been playing outside quite a bit, which has helped tremendously. They would play outside all day if I would let them.

TitusOn the pregnancy front, there is not much to report right now. I am still tired and nauseous, so that about sums it up. I have already gone through my maternity clothes and picked out some that I am wearing right now, but I still need to bring in the totes from the garage and switch everything over from my closet that is not maternity and put it away. Oh to have a closet big enough to accommodate all the clothes and never have to switch them out. I'm betting it will not happen in this lifetime though.

Here are a couple of pictures of Isabelle and Michael from our trip. We stopped at a rest area and they were showing off the pinecones they found. The last is of Titus playing in the back yard, getting extremely filthy dirty. Let's just say the amount of dirt in the bathtub was amazing!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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