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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ First Doctor's Appointment

I had my first doctor's visit at the beginning of week nine. Just as I suspected though, we were not able to hear our little one's heartbeat. Bummer! We are looking forward to that next time though. They did draw blood and set my official due date as December 30th. She also said after feeling my belly that it does not feel like there are two little ones in there. I'm sure she knows that I will ask eventually, so she just nipped it in the bud. Good info to know!

My doctor also informed us that the hospital that owned the birthing center that we have used in the past has been bought out by another hospital, and as a result, the birthing center will not be functioning as we have known it. From what we understand, it will now be a part of the hospital, in a much smaller capacity. This news is slightly depressing. I don't know why they can't just leave well enough alone. Thankfully though, we will have some time to figure everything out and just how we want to handle this situation.

I asked my doctor if she had ever done a homebirth. Her reply was, "Only once, when the patient could not make it in to the hospital in time." So I told her that we would just hold out until the last minute to call her this time then. She just laughed. Then Jeremy mentioned that she if she ever decides to do homebirths to let us know. Interestingly enough, she then informed us that there were a couple of patients and also a nurse of hers that is expecting who have also been asking her about this. Then before we could say anymore, she said, "I'll pray about it and have more info for you next month." Wow! I have always been impressed by my doctor, but this was very nice to hear. It would be completely awesome if she would do the homebirth since she is the biggest reason I have not gone that route in the past. So we will wait and see what is in store for us next month.

We did find out at the end of this week that that we needed to move. Bleh! I hate moving. We feel so very blessed to have such wonderful family to help us. We have moved in with my in-laws for right now. They have room for us to build a couple of rooms in a big room at the back of their house, so that is the plan right now. For now though we are staying in their travel trailer, which is very nice and has enough to accommodate us, but like any travel trailer, it does not have enough room to actually put all of our wardrobes, toiletries, etc. in there, so we are just living out of totes right now. I am looking forward to the day when that goes away.

Through all of this I really am surprised at just how much I am not bothered by our current situation. Sure, there is a desire to want to know what the future holds, but I know that a year ago, I would have been very upset with everything right now. I know that God has brought us to this point of just trusting that whatever happens, He has it all under control. I still have my days of being stressed, but overall, things have been really good. I am very thankful for that!

Well, we have boxes upon boxes to unpack and get sorted out, so I suppose I should be off to do that. I'm sure it will be an interesting week!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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