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Week 10
~ Disappointment

Well, we had our appointment this week to hear that sweet little one's heartbeat, but the little stinker was moving around too much so we did not get to this time. I was so excited and set to hear something. I do at least feel reassured that my belly is still growing and still have occasional bouts of nausea, although quite mild. I know that it is only one more month to try again, but right now that seems like forever. At least we have lots of things planned in the next few weeks that will hopefully make it fly by.

One of the big events coming up is my younger sister's wedding. She has asked me to make her wedding cake. I tried to remind her that I am not really a cake maker. She is not worried, and after looking at what she wants, I think it will be doable. It is a very simple design, with frosting that is not supposed to have a smooth look to it when it is done. It is also pretty small, since she said they are not big cake eaters, and do not plan to keep any of it to store for later. I am hoping it all goes together well without any problems. I do intend to do a test run to make sure all is good.

To add to the disappointment this week, our car died. In case I have never mentioned it before, I hate car problems. I know that we will work through it like any other time, but I really hate borrowing a vehicle. I am always worried that something will go wrong, even though we are very careful with borrowed things, it still concerns me.

The past few weeks I have had some serious cravings for some meat. I am a vegetarian, so it has been a little on the annoying side. I grew up eating meat and when I lived with my parents, we ate anything and everything. My husband grew up vegetarian, and I decided to make the switch when we got married. So it is not like I it has been a recent change, but I have been craving all kinds of stuff. When I see pictures of hamburgers, or bacon, or pepperoni pizza, or sandwiches with some shredded beef on it, it looks SO amazingly yummy. That probably means I need to up my protein intake. I have been trying to eat more eggs, but usually they do not sound good to me, unless they are made into egg salad. I admit, it is usually too tedious of a task for my liking though. Thankfully, Jeremy does not mind peeling eggs. At least with it being colder, it is easier to do soups and things where I can use beans and lentils to help with the protein.

Here are some pictures of the kids, just being their usual hammy selves.


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