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Week 11
~ Swiss Family Robinson

In the middle of the week, my mom asked if the kids could all come spend a couple of nights with them. One of my sister's kids was also there, so they all had lots of fun together and even got a chance to play in the snow. When they got back, Michael was very quick to tell us about the snow forts they built to protect them during their snowball fights. It was pretty relaxing for Jeremy and I to get a chance to have some time just to ourselves, and although I greatly appreciate the time away, I still missed my kiddos tremendously. I was completely ready for them to come home, and so was their daddy.

We currently live with my in-laws, and have for the past 2 1/2 years. As I have said before, I am very grateful for a place to stay, but I am not a lover of this situation. There is always so much drama, and I prefer to avoid situations like that. The less stress, the better. Sometimes I feel bad for how long we have been here, but then I am reminded that when Jeremy's parents were younger they lived with Jeremy's grandparents for 13 years. Yes, you read that right. I am glad we are no where near that, but the Lord is going to have to help me if we get anywhere close to that because I do not think I will make it. Jeremy's work has not exactly been busy for the past several years, and although we are grateful that we have always had enough to get by on, we would dearly love to see enough increase to be able to move out on our own again. This too shall pass . . . or we could get shipwrecked on a tropical island out in the middle of the South Pacific. That is actually sounding pretty sweet to me right now. I can see Titus and Michael devising a tiger trap and making coconut bombs too, just to cause more stress for their mother. So if in one of my later posts we get two dogs named Duke and Turk, you know what is going on.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go this week, I have been feeling pretty good. My nausea bouts have been getting fewer and farther between. I have felt a little more tired lately, and I think it is because I am fighting some sort of cold off. I have had a couple of mornings where I will wake up with a sore throat, or my ear will be bothering me. So far, that has been the extent of it, and I am hoping it will stay that way. I have been keeping up on lots of vitamins, so we will see what happens.


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