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Week 12
~ The Naming Game

12 weeks

We have been spending a fair amount of time on picking some baby names. All I can say is it gets SO much harder with each baby. I think we have it narrowed down to around ten or twelve names of each. I am thinking that throwing them all in a hat and picking something out might be the best plan at this point. Alright, so maybe the real problem might have to do with the fact that anytime either of us comes up with something, the other one vetos it. We did decide to be wild and crazy, for us anyway, and not share the names until the birth this time. That is assuming we even have anything picked out by then.

I have been feeling really great this week, and seem to be over the cold symptoms I was experiencing last week. My energy levels seem to be gradually getting higher. I also still cannot get over just how little nausea I have been experiencing this time. It is amazing! Of course there has been a little here and there, but nothing like what I am used to. I have been doing my best to keep up on my fiber intake, and have certainly not been perfect with it, but I am still working on it. As far as cravings go this week, sourdough bread with mayo and sliced dill pickle on it. I know, it sounds weird, but I cannot get enough of it.

We have been keeping pretty busy here especially as we prepare for my sister's wedding. I did a trial run on the wedding cake, and I did learn a few very important things about using burlap to put around the cake, but I think it is all under control now. I am very glad I did the test run. Next week will be the real deal.

Michael is also in the wedding, and he is very excited about it. Calling him the ring bearer would technically be wrong, since he will instead be helping another little girl (the groom's niece) carrying a sign. The sign is supposed to say, "Hey Uncle Tod, Here Comes Your Girl!" I am pretty sure I will do plenty of crying seeing Michael all decked out and walking down the aisle. It should be fun.

Here is a picture of me at twelve weeks. And as usual, it is pretty obvious I am pregnant.


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