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Week 13
~ Let's BURN This Candle


I have been starting to feel little flutters. I thought I had for a couple of weeks now, but it was not very often. It is still only when I am laying or sitting very still that I can feel anything. I am looking forward to when I will feel the baby all of the time and especially when Jeremy and the kiddos will be able to feel too.

Only one more week until we get to try again to hear the heartbeat. I think we will be taking the kids with us this time too, so they can experience it with us. I think it will be pretty neat for Isabelle and Michael this time since then are a fair amount older now. Titus will probably think it sounds cool, but soon be ready to move onto something else. I'm so anxious and excited. I just hope it does not end up being a disappointment again. Isabelle is becoming much more involved and aware of the pregnancy this time. She will come up at random times and hug my belly and say, "Hello baby, I love you."


It is nice to get this far along in the pregnancy, making it to the point where everyone says the risks for loss go way down. I know for me I have these time-lines in my head of how far along I was when we lost our babies and I get these ridiculous ideas of needing to 'just get past that point'. But of course, I am aware that people have lost babies at a much later date than me. So my mind is always running back and forth between being excited that everything is going to be alright, to it is very possible that something could still go wrong. I know I just need to trust and let it all go, but it is something that is on my mind a lot.

We did go to the wedding this week. Everything went really well except for the little flaming napkin incident . . . and I only wish I were kidding here. Apparently kids and lit tea lights on the table are a bad combination. They were part of the centerpieces on the tables for the reception. I had left the table to do something with the cake, and when I returned, Jeremy told me of the fun I missed out on. I guess one of the napkins on our table had somehow slid up over the tea light and then poof. Jeremy and the groom saw it about the same time, and it was extinguished quite quickly, even fast enough to not burn the plastic table cloth. Never a dull moment with children. We are just very thankful that something much worse did not happen. There were no major catastrophes with the cake though, and Michael did great walking down the aisle. I wondered if he would be too shy once the time came and everyone was there, but he did awesome. And I might add, he looked very handsome too. It was all lots of fun, but I am glad it is over with. Here are a couple of pictures of Michael and one of the cake.

wedding cake


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